5 Tips To Help You Find Your Passion, Your Bliss!

tips to find your passion

We all want to find our passion on some level. Passion creates life meaning and direction. Passion creates life fulfilment and fills it with joy. Passion is bliss, it’s what creates a magical life. The life we all deserve to live (read more about why you should follow your bliss here).

But what if you don’t know what your passion is?  What the heck do we do? You’ve come to the right place! We’re about to share our 5 Tips To Help You Find Your Passion. But before we do that, here’s a bit of our back story.

We were both in this scenario.  We knew there was something more to life. There was something calling us but we weren’t listening or noticing these signs. We were simply stuck. 

We were stuck…

  • In an office job that caged us up, doing work that gave us no fulfilment. 
  • In long term relationships that weren’t quite right.
  • In our heads which were filled with self-doubt and negativity.

We’re sure most people have been in similar situations… or maybe you’re still there? We want you to know now that YOU can get un-stuck by finding or re-finding your passion.

We could list at least 100 tips to help find your passion. But we don’t want to get all crazy-ass passionate merrymaker on you (it gets a little scary!), so we’ll start with 5.

5 tips to help find your passion

  • Stop what you’re doing. Spend an hour, or a day, or a whole week to just stop and slow down. The feeling of ‘stuck’ is usually fuelled by a hated routine so just stop it and reflect. We find it helps to write down the feelings that come up when you just stop.
  • Find your inner child. Take time to reminisce and remember what you just loved doing and what you were good at. Most passion is born from what we were good at as a youngster (before the world got to us). Talk to your parents and siblings, look at old photos and home videos, read an old diary.
find your passion
Find Your Inner Child. What did you LOVE to do?
  • Listen to your gut, just really listen. Most of the time we know what the answer is we just don’t hear it. We knew we had to detox our lives and this is what led us to our bliss aka passion. It was like the more we detoxed the negative out of our lives, the louder our gut voice became. Yes gut voice is a thing.     
  • Think positively. Turn the positive switch on! Say this now “I am amazing and have so much goodness to add to this world”. Our positive switch seriously changed our lives, read more about our little techniques to encourage positive thinking.
  • No fear. After all it’s False Evidence Appearing Real. Our fears haven’t happened yet so let’s stop putting all our energy towards them and allowing them to control our lives. In the end, what is the bigger risk: to follow a crazy dream or spend the rest of your life thinking ‘what if?’

Ok questions for YOU! Have you found your passion? What is it? How did you find it? How are you following it? What’s keeping you from following it? We would love love love to hear from you!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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