50 recipes especially for the Get Merry app.


If you haven’t been following us on social media you might not know that we just did some BIG updates on the Get Merry recipe app. We are bloody excited. 

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YAY! We’re super pumped becuase all the changes make the app easier to use PLUS we’ve added a stack of deliciousness to celebrate.

We added 50 extra recipes, especially for the Get Merry app. A couple recipes are from past Challenges, some are brand new and you’ll notice an extra special recipe from our cookbook!

If you have the app check out all the new recipes NOW! Make sure you’ve updated to version 8.0!

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, learn more about it over HERE. Or search ‘Get Merry’ in the app store. And if you’re thinking about purchasing the app make sure you do before the price goes up next week! It’s just $4.49 AUD right now!

50 NEW recipes especially for the Get Merry app.

Crispy chicken strips.

Talk about finger-lickin’ good. Such a fun dinny, plus it’s a super doooooper easy recipe.


Turkish grainfree pizza.

Our favourite pizza base recipe ever! PLus epic combo of toppings. 


Beef stroganoff

One of our favourite weekly dinners when we were growing. This version is dairy free, sugar free and gluten free. So good!


Crispy skinned salmon with pesto zoodles.

Yes, you can cook crispy skinned salmon at home. 


Chicken antipasto salad.

Delicious and perfect for summer! 


Slow cooked lamb.

Wholesome is the word!


Tuna patties

Such an easy way to get fish into your diet. Even the kiddies will approve of these. 


Sesame crusted salmon with greens.

We love how simple and fresh this meal is. Packed with greens to make you feel oh so dayum good!


Yummy pork fried cauli-rice. 

Such an easy peasy recipe plus a delicious way to pack extra vegetables onto your dinner.


Pork nuggets with avo-zoodles.

Not going to lie, we were going for the meatball look, but they turned into nuggets and they were amazing.


Simple slow cooked beef. 

Slow cookers are actually magical. Whack it on in the morning and boom, come home to all kinds of delicious!



Meatza = meat crusted pizza. It’s delish and a super easy recipe. 


Steak plate.

So simple, so yum. With the combo of spinach and beef it’s the perfect dinner to get your iron dose up!


Cauli, leek and bacon soup.

This soup is perfect for winter! A lower carb version of the old fave potato and leek soup!


Chicken veggie bake.

Nothing beats a chop everything up and bake kinds dinner!


Super easy fish curry

Hands up who loves curry? Ok, hands up who loves EASY. HEALTHY. CURRY?! *all hands up*


Merry simple bowl.

We called it this coz it sounds better than ‘chicken veggie bowl’. It’s a bowl full of abundance, full of goodness, full of magic.


Merry veggie soup.

Feel like you need some extra greens? We got you covered! 


Loaded chippie bowl.

Probably the best healthy comfort food ever!


Pretty naked cake.

And by pretty naked cake… we mean it looks pretty and it’s naked. Because it’s not pretty naked. It’s VERY naked. This recipe is from our recipe book, available in the bundle section on the app or IRL hard copy over here.


Mini banana loafs.

Because everything is better when it’s mini.  


Peanut butter cookies.

Anything with peanut butter in it wins! Delish as cookies!


Popcorn chocolate slice.

HELLO yummy yummy choc pop slice! Yes, it’s a choccy slice with popcorn in it! It takes 10 mins to whiz up and 30 mins to set… so what are you waiting for? Get on it yo!


Fruit custard tart.

Who doesn’t love a custard tart?! Get in belly action! You don’t have to top with fruit, you could top with chocolate, caramel, coconut cream, whatever your heart (more like tummy) desires!


Banana blueberry cashew bread.

Blueberry + banana = actual magic! Such an easy peasy recipe, perfect for brekky, tea parties and dessert! 


Strawberry, mango and apple crumble.

This crumble it the easiest healthy dessert in the world! It’s as simple as chopping up the fruit and mixing the crumble ingredients together. Boom! It also makes a delish as breakfast. Plus, it’s yummy served hot or cold. It’s a winning dessert.


Apple caramel cake. 

Apple and caramel… yesss!


Jaffa chia pudding.

Chia puddings will make your morning oh so Merry because A. hello yum as,  B. sahhhh easy to make and C. did we mentioned YUM?


Carrot toast.

It’s a great recipe for brekkies and snacks for the week! 


Toast with chia jam.

This toast is gluten free and grain free and oh so yum!


Chai granola.

Be careful of this chai granola, it’s extremely yum and highly addictive. 


Strawberry and macadamia buckwheat porridge. 

Buckwheat porridge is the nicest way to start your day. Enjoy warm in winter and cold in summer.


Blackberry buckwheat porridge.

Another epic flavour of the buckwheat porridge.


Banana cluster granola.

Banana baked granola/cereal = next granola flavour ever.


Peanut butter pancakes.

These grain free pancakes are actually fluffy. Maybe our fave pancake recipe ever!


Apple pie chia pudding.

Yuuuummmmm! How good are chia puddings?!


Strawberries and peanut butter on toast. 

So delicious and oh so cute!

Strawberry brekky cake. 

Cake for breakfast? We say YES!


Brekky plate.

All the breakfast favourites on one big plate. 


Carrot savoury muffins.

Make a batch up on the weekend fpr a week filled with grab and go brekkies.


Spinach and avocado omelette. 

Eggs and avo is one of our fave food combos. 


Cheezi egg bowls.

We added savoury yeast flakes for an epic delish breakfast plus it’s high in vitamin B. Boom. 


Mexican quinoa bowl.

Mexican anything and everything!


Eggs baked in big mushrooms.

The perfect recipe for your next weekend brunch. We topped ours with parmesan cheese…. ohhhh yeh so yum.


Choc mud smoothie bowl.

The toppings are optional but highly recommended. 


Choc berry smoothie bowl.

You guys know we love smoothies, right? 


Mars bar smoothie.

No description needed! It’s bloody yum! 


Lemon berry smoothie.

Such a refreshing and nutritious way to start the day. 


Clean the pipes smoothie.

Filled with good stuff to get everything flowing.


Ok! Now it’s time to get cooking! And remember you can download the Get Merry app over HERE or search ‘Get Merry’ in your app store. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla.

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