67: $0-$100K in 8 months with Meryl Johnston of Bean Ninjas


Today’s guest is the co-founder of Bean Ninjas, a productized service style bookkeeping business which helps businesses keep their books up to date. Now if you’re thinking BORING… accounting! Think AGAIN! 

Bean Ninjas grew from $0-$100k annual recurring revenue in just 8 months!

The business is now 14 months old, has a monthly recurring revenue of $15k and a distributed team of 12 based in Australia, USA and United Kingdom. #EPIC! 

Meryl Jonhston shares some absolute GOLD in this episode… you don’t wanna miss it!

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“Think about what makes you happy… not about what makes other people happy.”

Some questions we asked…

  • Where did you start from? How did this idea become about?
  • How did you come up with your service offer?
  • What are your tips for business owners to stay on track with money?
  • What tools do you use in your business?
  • How do you think bigger when you have a business? How do you figure out what your vision is?

“You need to figure out what’s important to you… and go after that.”

Some AHA! Moments in this episode…

  • You need to set up your foundations to create an epic business.
  • The importance of scheduling your time.
  • Trusting that although it feels you’re only making small changes… you are improving what you’re doing.
  • Why you need to find the right people for your team.

Links to the stuff we talked about…

Bean Ninjas Website


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