70 and 71: Apps Aren’t Dead and Won’t Cost You $100K to Make with! Plus Our App is LIVE!

We are SO excited…. because our Get Merry app is now LIVE! We worked with the amazing Jarrod Robinson from to create this baby and seriously it was FUN and awesome!


We chatted with Jarrod on the podcast all about it PLUS we also share our thoughts after the app reached #1 on day 1 of launch! 

Yay for 2 episodes for you!

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Some questions we asked Jarrod…

  • How do you even begin thinking about building on app?
  • Tell us about all the apps you’ve built for your businesses.
  • How does an app help your business?
  • Where do you even begin with app making?


Here’s our episode about how we feel after reaching #1 on the App Store!





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