79: Follow your freaking bliss!


Today’s episode was the first episode of our new way forward with the #GetMerry podcast! Yes, there was some kind of structure BUT we’ve already got bigger and better ideas coming your way! So keep listening YAH! 

The #GetMerry podcast is all about inspiring you to live a healthier and happier life. It’s a weekly podcast (like a radio show) where we’ll be sharing EVERYTHING.

Our new favourite part has got to be the Merry fan question section (maybe we need to re-work that title!). But this is where we need your help! 

We need you to submit questions! Then we’ll answer them on the show. The best bit… if your question gets answered on the show, you win a prize-y! 

If you’re located in Aussie Land, you’ll win a set of our brand new (not released yet) Merrymaker quote cards! If you’re from over the seas you’ll get a collection of our delish Merrymaker PDF meal plans! 

So be sure to listen to this episode and then submit your questions! Email us! YAY!

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During the episode, we start with Merrymaker News. It’s a great transition from #MerryBiz to #GetMerry as we take you through everything we’re working on. We also take you through all the lessons we’ve picked up on during the week.

We talk happiness, mindset shifts and life in general. Pretty sure we even get on the whole what is the meaning of life? topic (oh oh, haha).

Yes, we ramble, yes we laugh and yes it’s a whole lotta MERRY! So if you’re looking for a dose of something magical each week, #GetMerry is the show for you!

It’s the perfect show to listen to if you want to start adding more positivity into your life.

We also end each episode with a Merrymaker Mantra. And this week’s is:

Follow your freaking bliss.


You’ve heard us bang on about this before. Yah?! 

It’s an adapted mantra by the philosopher, Joseph Campbell. And it’s all kinds of magical epic.

“Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were once only walls.”

Holy shit that quote changed our lives forever and ever.

We first heard it when we watched the documentary, Finding Joe. Seriously, that is compulsory watching for anyone reading this. You will love it. But first, finish this and listen to the podcast!

When we started Merrymakers, there was no strategy, no business in mind, no nothing really. We just had this something telling us to start writing and creating recipes. So we did!

We were having so much fun doing it, so we did more of it. And we learned about blogging. And social media. And newsletters. Oh my!

Then we watched Finding Joe.

And then we realised that Merrymakers… well, that was our bliss. And this whole Follow Your Bliss concept was pretty freaking epic.

And apparently revolutionary to us (even though it was all over the internet!) and so we started sharing this message out to our Instagram followers. We’d share it once a day, almost.

Follow your bliss. Do what you love! Follow the fun!

All the inspirational quotes you can think of. And do not scoff… we know you love them too!

At this time we were still working in our full-time soul-sucking government desk jobs, seriously we need a shorter name to describe it. But the message was loud and clear.

Merrymakers was our bliss and if we followed it, if we kept going, opportunities would flow right on in.

It turned into the perfect kick up the butt too.

We’d been sharing the quotes, inspiring others to do what they love, but here we were still working those soul-sucking jobs and not REALLY following our bliss. Not really living our truth.

We were good at speaking the speak but… doing the do? We weren’t there yet.

So the quitting of our jobs came about just 1 and a half years into our Merrymaker journey with no plan, no strategy, no money and a fat mortgage and USA trip booked in! 

What were we thinking? We weren’t! But Joseph Campbell said that if we followed it… doors would open. (Yes, we’re a bit cray cray).

Oh and that they did! The day we quit our jobs, a sponsorship deal fell into our inbox. We were invited to speak at events, collaborate with others and featured all over the media. You know that flow they talk about? We were deep in it and it felt good!

What also felt good was that when we shared the follow your bliss message it felt true and real.

So your bliss is your thing. It’s something you love to do so much that it makes your smile from your heart to your teeth.

And hey, guess what?! Your bliss doesn’t have to be a full time job thing! Don’t add pressure to yourself by saying it’s gotta be a career. By adding 5 minutes of bliss to every single day, your life will get all magical on you. Trust us.

Can’t find your bliss? Um, are you looking? Are you doing? Start trying new things. Who knows if you don’t like dancing, if you’ve never danced before? Who knows if you don’t like hiking if you’ve never hiked before. Go, buy some paints and start painting. If you like it keep going, not so much? Try something NEW!


Stuff the excuses and get out there and do something.

Have 2, 3, 10 things you LOVE? Hell yeah for multiple bliss-es… that’s a word, right?

You can LOVE more than one thing. The whole idea that you gotta be passionate about one thing is BS.

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to bliss. It’s about adding more joy. So find the things that bring you joy and do more of that.

Here’s a fun fact… the word merrymaker means to bring joy to! When we first came up with the name it was a super quick decision and EVERYONE was like WTF?! But now… all the dots connect, and that choice seems so perfect.

Let us know what you think about the podcast episode. They’re going to get better and better, we can feel it! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s Don’t forget to send us your questions! Coz you can win a prize! 

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P.p.p.s 2 images in article via Unsplash.


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