82: Because… cake (the body image episode)


This is what went down in this week’s #GetMerry episode! Yes we talk about cake but mostly it’s about body image. Listen! 

  • Yay competition to win Get Merry in-a-box! Be sure to check out all the deets HERE!
  • Ohh we discuss our super cute cartoon-a-fied selves (yes, we just called ourselves cute) Checkout the video below. 
  • Body image! We go a little (actually, a lot!) deeper into our body image issues past and current and the tools we use to overcome them. 

LOL Moment

Emma had an itchy right palm, we googled it (as you do) it means money is coming in! Yewww! Carla had an itchy stomach… we googled it. LOL. Gotta listen!

#MerryFan question of the week! 

Our featured question this week is thanks to Shannon! We’ll be sending you a prize-y!

  • How do you order when you are out to dinner? Do you always pick a place suitable to your diet?

Yes, super simple question. BUT something that can bring a lot of anxiety. Always love talking about going out for dinny! Hehe fun and yum! 

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Merry Mantra of the week

Because… cake (and yes this is one of our Get Merry quote cards, you can buy them here!).

Yes, we touch on the topic of cake but actually, this episode is mostly about body image and the ups and downs of our journies.

We both have the best body image mindset we’ve ever had right now. But, not because we’re the thinnest and fittest we’ve ever been.

We don’t want to bang on about it here in the post. You gotta listen to get the good stuff yah!

Let us know what you think, can you relate? Do you have any tips to add? Can you think of someone else who’d get a lot from this episode? Pass it on! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

P.s This is our super adorable cartoon-a-fied founding story! YAY!

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