Accept yourself now so you can welcome change

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change” Carl Rogers

How many times have you started something to welcome a change? Maybe it’s to get stronger, to lose weight, to get fitter, to be healthier, to create less stress.

You start the new workout, new diet, new meditation practise… you start the new habit with the goal to welcome change and then one week, one month… or maybe just one day later you STOP.

And then you start something different next month. And so the pattern continues.

What if we said the one thing you’re missing is self-acceptance?

That you need to be OK with exactly how you are right here, right now to create your desired change.

This was true for us. All we talk about is from experience… we’ve been there!

We spent years and years trying all the diets, the workouts… forever starting new things. Working our butts off and even losing weight but we never felt happy, we never felt like we were enough.

So without acceptance, the physical change didn’t even mean anything.

All it did was cause havoc with our hormones and make our periods disappear for 2 years, a whole other story (reply to us if you want more info on this and how we got our periods back).

And this is why ACCEPTANCE is the backbone of MerryBody.

Yes, it’s Yoga and Pilates but the biggest game-changer… is the intention behind it all. It’s movement, it’s health, it’s well being practises driven by acceptance and self-respect, self-love.

When we accept ourselves this is when we can truly create desired change.

And yes… it’s a total paradox… accept yourself NOW so you can change… but what the most exciting part is… the change will be so much more than just external changes like kgs lost.

These changes will hit your heart, ripple out to every inch of your life and every person you touch.

For when you practise self-acceptance you finally feel freedom, you feel like you can show up as YOU. The magic, the mess, all of it.

MerryBody Online Studio will make you strong, flexible and toned. But the real magic? It’s movement driven by acceptance, respect and above all… JOY.

When you accept yourself and who you are, the change will follow.

When you accept yourself you create inner confidence, you believe in yourself! And this is where you can shift old sabotaging behaviours that hold you back.

If this resonates come and try MerryBody, what’s the best that could happen? TODAY is the very last day you can join in 2019. ❤️

Here’s the link to join:

If you have any last questions, let us know. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s don’t forget doors are closing to MerryBody today 26 November at 8:00pm (AEST). Don’t miss out, JOIN HERE.

Photo by Taylor Smith on Unsplash

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