Are Short Workouts Better?


Ever looked at your jam-packed schedule and thought, “I just don’t have an hour to work out today”? Soon enough, you find yourself saying this every day. If you’re nodding along, this is for you.

So to answer the question, are short workouts better? The answer is an absolute YES, if it means you actually exercise on a consistent basis! 

And sometimes, less really is more.

The Magic of Short Workouts

In today’s busy life, finding a chunk of time for a long workout can feel impossible. But who said you need to work out for an hour to reap the benefits? There are so many benefits to regular short workouts. 

Consistency is Key

Consistency beats intensity and length any day! Exercising for an hour once a month just doesn’t cut it. The real key to long-term fitness success? It’s not about how much you do, but rather, how often you show up. So, if shorter workouts help you create more consistency, that’s a definite win!

Boosts Your Mood Instantly

Even short bouts of exercise release endorphins and the “feel-good” hormones. With every workout, no matter how short it is, know it’s not just for your physical body. You’ll find yourself feeling less stressed and anxious. You’ll feel more joy.

Elevates Your Energy

A quick workout will get your heart pumping, and as we already mentioned it will release the feel-good hormones. If you’re feeling sluggish at work in the afternoon, instead of getting that 3rd or 4th (or 6th?) coffee, try a quick 10-minute Yoga or Pilates class! These practices connect the mind, body and breath so they’re excellent for balancing your energy. Whether you need to feel more calm and centred amidst chaos or need an energy boost to overcome lethargy, these practices are just what you need.

Great for Overall Health

Short workouts can increase your metabolic rate, help build muscle and improve cardiovascular health and really, overall health! Once again it’s not so much about the duration of your workout, it’s about consistency.

Builds Habit Muscle

Every time you do a short workout instead of none at all, you’re building a powerful habit. Over time this habit strengthens and exercise will become a routine just like brushing your teeth. We find it motivating to remember that we are meant to be moving and exercising. We are not meant to be sitting for hours of our day! Scientific and medical studies show again and again the dangers of sedentary living. If you’re interested in living long and living well, some form of regular exercise needs to be part of your life. 

Try this 9 Minute Yoga Flow

To get you started, try this 9 minute Yoga flow from our MerryBody App. It’s perfect for mornings, lunch breaks or even just before bed. You’ll feel refreshed, energised and accomplished!

You’ll feel amazing!


We believe that slow, steady and consistent always wins the race. So, next time you’re strapped for time, don’t skip your workout. Just make it short and sweet. 

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

Find the 9 minute Yoga Clas over here. 

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