Unlocking Your Potential: A Beginner’s Guide to Visualisation Meditation


Meditation has been practised for centuries, it’s an amazing tool for cultivating peace and letting go of stress. Over the years, we have created a variety of guided mindful meditations, ranging from body scanning, to intention-setting and breathwork techniques. You can find all of the MerryMind Meditations in our MerryBody App.  But lately, we’ve been delving into the amazing world of visualisation meditation and WOW we are feeling the transformative power of this practice.

Visualisation meditation offers all the amazing benefits of mindful meditation, but it also helps you take action towards your goals. Visualisation is one of the best tools to help you achieve what you desire, this is why it’s often used in the practice of manifestation.

A guided visualisation meditation takes you on a journey to imagine the feelings, thoughts and even experiences you desire to welcome into life. This practice shifts how you feel, it helps you feel like you have infinite potential and that YES you can achieve your goal, whatever it may be. This feeling then impacts your next action step, most likely, it will be in the direction towards your goal! 

We’ve used this practice on and off in our business journey. In the early days of our business (over 10 years ago now!) we were obsessed with Oprah Winfrey, the Law of Attraction and other ‘manifesters’. And yes, there were times when it really worked! We can remember one day, we were very close to running out of money and we did a meditation and literally that day someone paid us a super late invoice. Perhaps a coincidence… or maybe not?! 

Over the years we became quite cynical of the practice, perhaps it was who we were hanging out with (haha we were young and easily influenced). Or maybe it was because we got real-world education in business and accounting. Right now we’ve found a balanced way to make visualisation really work for us. It gives us the confidence to believe in our goals and it positively impacts our mindsets on what we can achieve.

Visualisation meditation helps us believe that we can reach our goals, BUT we are well aware that to actually achieve the goal we need to take devoted action. It’s not magic… but it is!

Unlocking Your Potential with A Beginner's-Guide-to-Visualisation-Meditation.

What is Visualisation Meditation?

Visualisation Meditation involves focusing your mind on clear mental images and using them as a focal point during meditation. You sit (or lay) and breathe slowly and fully, but instead of trying to clear your thoughts and minds, you focus them on imagery. During visualisation, you’ll dive into a sensory journey, picturing your goals, dreams and desires coming to life. You’ll see it all and feel it all, inside your own mind. The idea is that this can lead to increased motivation and focus, and ultimately help you take action towards your goals.

Sounds like Magic (are you sure it’s not BS)

We know it sounds like magic! But there have also been many studies that have shown that visualisation can enhance performance, reduce stress and improve focus. Don’t take our word for it, visualisation techniques are popular among a range of (very) successful people, from athletes to entrepreneurs to entertainers.

Famous People Who Practise Visualisation 

Serena Williams aka tennis superstar has often spoken about her mental preparation techniques, including visualisation. In fact, many sports people practice visualisation, they will imagine themselves hitting the best shot, performing the perfect technique and winning. It’s like a gym or fitness session for your mind. 

Oprah Winfrey is a big believer in visualisation, manifestation and the power of positive thinking. And well… it’s working! She famously says…

“Anything you can imagine, you can create.” Oprah Winfrey

We’re sure you’ve heard of that 10 million dollar cheque Jim Carrey wrote for himself. He kept it in his wallet and then just 3 years later he received the exact amount for the movie Dumb and Dumber. 

What Do You Desire? 

The first step in effective visualisation is figuring out what you truly want.  Are you looking for professional success, emotional well-being, physical fitness or perhaps something else entirely? Take some time to dig deep and be specific about your aspirations.

The more precisely you can define your desire, the more targeted your visualisation will be. A vague goal like “I want to be successful” or “I want to be fit” won’t provide the clarity you need. Try something more specific like “I want to get that promotion at my company” or “I want to be able to walk up the stairs and not be puffed.” These are the kinds of desires that can fuel your visualisation process and give it the power to transform your life.

How to do a Visualisation Meditation?

To make visualisation work, you’ve got to first desire something, then clearly picture it in your mind. Once you have the picture FEEL that it is true. Feel that it is genuinely achievable. If you can’t believe it is attainable, keep trying.

As you consistently focus on that goal and focus energy on imagining it, you’ll begin to feel more positive about this goal. You’ll actually believe it is possible and this will affect your action steps.

Step 1: Find a Quiet Space

This could be a comfortable chair in your living room or a secluded spot in a park. You could lay down if you prefer. Ensure there are no distractions, turn your phone on silent. 

Step 2: Relax Your Mind and Body

Take a few deep breaths, relax your body, and feel any tension or stress melt away. Get present with your body and your breath. Let your thoughts and to-do list float out of the mind.

Step 3: Begin to Imagine

When you begin visualising, be as specific as possible. What do you desire to welcome in? Is it success? Health? Love? If you chose success, picture what success looks like to you, maybe it’s crossing a finish line, landing that job promotion or achieving a personal milestone. 

Step 4: Engage All Senses

Make your visualisation as vivid as you can. Incorporate smells, sounds and textures. The more detailed, the better.

Step 5: Feel the Emotion

Allow yourself to feel the emotions associated with achieving your goals, feel the joy, excitement, and a sense of accomplishment. FEEL IT!

Don’t have a Vivid Imagination? Try Guided Visualisation!

If the idea of envisioning detailed mental images feels impossible, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Guided visualisation is the perfect alternative for you. In this method, you are guided through a series of mental images and scenarios, helping you imagine a clear and engaging picture in your mind’s eye. You’ll be prompted to see, feel and imagine, although it wont be specific to your goal, you can add this yourself! 

If you want to try a guided visualisation now, DOWNLOAD the MerryBody App and begin your 7 day trial! Head to the meditation section and find the Abundance Mindset Visualisation. It’s a 14 minute amazing guided visualisation meditation focused on welcoming abundance into your life. Abundance of love, health and prosperity! try yoga free class

Begin your visualisation practice with a sense of curiosity. Be open and have an inquisitive attitude. Who knows what will unfold and even if all it does is help you feel more positive and focused, isn’t this a great thing?  Never forget, your mind is an amazing tool, so continue to delve into its potential and discover your potential! 

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

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