The Best Inspirational Movies and Documentaries.

You know we love our inspirational movies and inspirational documentaries. The type of movie where you feel great after watching it. The movie that puts a fire in your tummy to get off your ass and do something with your life. So definitely not the over dramatic TV dramas (think Revenge)  or movies that leave you feeling depressed or stupid comedies that aren’t funny. Please note we still watch some movies and TV shows for entertainment purposes only (think Sex and the City, Girls and Glee and Rom-Com and Disney movies).

Just so you know, we only like good quality documentaries, ones that have you hook, line and sinker!

Moving on to our favourite, and in our eyes the best inspirational movies and documentaries! Here’s the list in no particular order:

  1. Finding Joe. This documentary is epic. We’ve officially watched it 7 times and every time we pick up something new.  This well produced documentary was a game changer for us. It introduced us to Joseph Campbell and his famous philosophy. Follow Your Bliss! Do yourself a huge favour and watch it at least twice. Report back! It follows a cute story line with kiddie actors and interviews with AMAZING, inspiring people. Thanks FMTV for bringing this doco to our lives.
  2. The Shift. How we love Dr Wayne Dyer and this movie is amazing. The perfect inspirational documentary to motivate you through your own shift in spirituality, mind set or life in general. We cried, laughed, smiled and agreed with Wayne the whole movie. Great story line, well made… well done Hay House and Wayne and thanks FMTV again!
  3. You Can Heal Your Life. Oh Louise Hay is one special lady! This documentary focuses on negative thoughts and how they impact our lives. This one is a biggie, especially if you’re ultra negative about yourself. Follows a story line with interviews throughout, yes there are some corny bits but the message is too epic to care! We strongly recommend EVERYONE watch this (then read the book!).
  4. E-Motion. Another awesome doco. Produced really well  (except the part where it looks like they have dubbed American accents… not 100% sure but!).  The movie style documentary is all about how the jobs we hate, situations we don’t want to be in, the anger and negativity we hold on to… makes us sick, like real sick. Super interesting and makes so much sense! Another goodie from FMTV.
  5. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Not only is Ben Stiller the cutest, this movie is awesome! It makes you say “oh sh!t I’m going to do something amazing with my life, starting now!” It’s a proper blockbuster movie, you’ve definitely seen it or heard of it and thought… hmm weird title! Here’s a funny story, we were sitting on a bench in Chelsea, New York City and Ben Stiller walked in front of us. That was definitely a sign to go watch this movie.
  6. Hector and the Search for Happiness. Proper big screen movie. We watched this movie in a hotel the other night. Thank god/the universe/the Sofitel that they had this movie. It was so good! Just by the title you know what it’s about yeh?! Throw in English humour and that funny English actor, amazing but simple messages and you’ve one good movie! The message we got… happiness is an obligation. Yep, we loved it.
  7. Wild. Ahhh we LOVED this movie! It’s on at the movies right now in Oz. Reece Witherspoon is ah-bloody-amazing in this. It’s based on the true story of Cheryl Strayed and her epic journey from rock bottom and healing herself.
  8. Eat Pray Love. Book turned movie… the perfect movie if you’re on your spiritual path and going through hardship. Be warned… definitely makes you want to travel! YAY!
  9. The Celestine Prophecy. This is another book turned movie, we loved it! It’s a spiritual movie about a spiritual awakening. A good one for you if you’re moving through your own spiritual journey. Two years ago… would’ve been complete woo woo to us.
  10. As we mentioned above we do love Disney movies and they have pretty amazing inspiring messages. From Alice in Wonderland to Enchanted.
  11. You know we love our foodie documentaries, so of course they’re included. Food Inc, Food Matters, Carb loaded, Cereal Killers etc.

There are so many more and we’d love to hear about your favourites! We actually did a call out for the BEST inspirational movies and documentaries on our own personal Facebook pages and got an insane response!  Again, there is no order to this list. Lots of them look a little sad for us but we plan on eventually getting through the below list (we’ve watched a few already!).

  1. Rocky
  2. Forrest Gump. LOVE this movie and super inspirational.
  3. G.I Jane
  4. Perks of being a Wallflower. Loved it, but sort of finished feeling a little deflated so it didn’t make our list. LOVED the music.
  5. Slumdog Millionaire 
  6. Two Hands… definitely enjoyed this movie back in the day. Must re-watch this great Aussie flick!
  7. The Central Park Five
  8. Hotel Rwanda
  9. Life of Pi. Great movie!
  10. The 100 Foot Journey. Very inspiring to follow your dreams and it’s all about food. You’ll want delicious food after!
  11. City of God
  12. Patch Adams
  13. Mr Holland Opus
  14. Power of the Heart
  15. Fight Club. We both liked this film but maybe too violent for us, but we get it!
  16. Cloud Atlas. Book turned movie, Need to re-watch this one! Pretty cool time travel, how past impacts present and future.
  17. Green Mile. Yes super inspiring but too sad for us!
  18. Good Will Hunting
  19. Dead Poet Society. LOVED it, got inspired but a little too sad for us.
  20. Pursuit of Happiness
  21. 180 Degrees South. Definitely on the ‘To Watch’ list!
  22. The Fountain
  23. Big Fish
  24. Origins
  25. I am the Doc. This inspirational documentary looks good. We want to watch it!
  26. The Colour Purple
  27. Brave Heart
  28. The Way
  29. Epic Java
  30. Drops of joy

 Let us know in the comments what inspirational movies you love! We’ll add them to our ‘to watch’ list!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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