Best Online Yoga Classes For Lockdown to De-Stress and Unwind


Here in Australia right now around 13 million people are in lockdown. We’re in the Gold Coast so no lockdown for us right now. But we have friends in Sydney, Victoria, South Australia, Orange, and of course the surrounding areas who are greatly affected, not to mention hundreds of our MerryBody Members all over the world. We got a message from one of our Members asking for a list of our best online Yoga classes for lockdown, the classes that really help to de-stress and unwind the body and mind.

With over 300 classes inside our Online Studio (we add a new class every week!), it took us a few days to select the best online yoga classes for lockdown but absolutely we think we have come up with a list that will take you from blahh to ahhhh-mazing in under 20 minutes.

The best way to access these online Yoga classes is to use your MerryBody App, and search for the title at the top right-hand corner of your App.  From there you can stream, download, and cast to your TV (these classes are full-length video style so you feel like you’re in the room with us!).

And if you’re not a MerryBody Member yet, then simply start your Free 7 Day Trial here so you can try out our list of best online Yoga classes.

Our Best Online Yoga Classes for Lockdown

Really, any movement is better than none which is why we make sure we have classes that range from under 10 minutes to just under 30 minutes (and everything in between).

We know it can be hard to feel motivated to move your body, especially during lockdown but it’s in those moments where your mind tries to talk you out of it, that you need to tell yourself… stuff it, just do it.

Often we will recommend to our MerryBody Members to simply do the first 5 minutes of a class, usually (almost always) they will end up finishing the class! Starting is ALWAYS the hardest part! With that in mind, the first class on our Best Online Yoga Classes for Lockdown list is…

Twist Flow Yoga (9 minutes long!)

Twist Flow Yoga is 9 minutes of twisting out the body. You’ll re-energize and reignite your inner power and confidence. Focus on your breath and in doing so you’ll keep your mind here in the now to fully experience your practice. It really is amazing how just 9 minutes of movement can completely shift your state. 

The best thing for you? We just added this to our YouTube Channel, which means you can do it right now!

Bliss, Please Yoga (gives you exactly what you ask for)

As in… bliss! This is actually the latest class inside MerryBody Online Studio (we add a brand new class every Monday) and this one has been a Member favourite! 

Michelle said: “Beautiful class and maybe the first yoga class I’ve been able to do wholly. Exciting. Followed with Desk worker yin and guided savasana magic which definitely IS magic.”

Kaylene said: “Oh this was beautiful. It’s been added to my ‘Love It’ list!”

Louise said: “That class 🙌 I’ve been MIA on the mat for the last month, life has been hectic and taken over… but I’m back and that was the most perfect class to remind me why I need my mat time!”

It’s an ever-flowing 20 minutes of stretching your body and your mind. You will enjoy the dynamic sequence that will leave you feeling inspired and expansive (perfect for lockdown!).

Search: ‘Bliss’ inside the MerryBody App

Wake Up Yoga (Try Full Wheel Pose!)

This MerryBody Yoga class will wake you up from the inside out! It really is the ultimate way to begin your day, or perfect for when you need a boost of energy. You’ll start slow, warming up the body, twisting, and bending in all the ways that feel good. You will open your shoulders, your heart, and end with a peak posture of full wheel pose. It’s a 30 minute class, to try this class search: ‘Wake Up’ in your MerryBody App

Check out Wheel Pose below, as you can see wee always offer options for all levels.


Unwind Yin Yoga

If you’ve never tried a Yin Yoga class before, then you are seriously in for a treat. Yin Yoga is the ultimate kind of yoga for de-stressing and releasing tension in the body. This class in particular is a 23 minute practice to allow yourself to fall further and further away from your mind. You’ll unwind from your busy chitter chatter thoughts and instead, focus on letting go of tension within the body. This practice will bring you into the present moment and guide you to create inner peace (something we all need but especially important when going through something tough like lockdown).

Search: ‘Unwind’ inside your MerryBody App


Better Posture Stretch Yoga (if you sit all day!)

Working from home has provided a more flexible way of continuing business as usual, however, you may experience poor postural health from sitting more and not so ideal desk set ups. That’s where this online yoga class is going to be the best thing for your lockdown. Better Posture Stretch Yoga is a slow flow designed to stretch and open the front of your body (aka make you feel SO good). If you find that you sit a lot or struggle to keep your shoulders back and your heart open, this class is perfect for you!

To try this class, search: Better Posture inside your MerryBody App.

Emotion Release Yin Yoga 

This is a class for you to completely surrender any stagnant emotion and energy within your mind, body and heart. No matter what you’re feeling, set the intention to simply let go of it all to create space and peace within you. This class is a beautiful practice if you’re feeling overwhelmed and isolated at the moment. 

Search: ‘Emotion’ inside your MerryBody App

One of the postures you will do within this class is called Frog Pose, it’s an amazing stretch for your inner thighs… see below:


Quick Stretch Yoga (just 14 minutes)

This is another great class for those moments where the mind is telling you to do anything and everything other than exercise. With this class being so quick, you can easily change your mind and press play on this blissful stretch session. You’ll stretch out your legs, booty, hips, side body, neck, back, and chest. Plus you’ll create space in the spine through rippling movement, inspiring you to stand tall and breathe deeper (something everyone needs right now!).

Find this class by searching: Quick Stretch on your MerryBody App

This list is just 7 classes that we are suggesting for your lockdown. Inside MerryBody Online Studio there are over 300 to choose from right now.

The best thing we would suggest (after doing these 7 of course) would be to follow our Weekly Plan of daily classes. This is updated every Monday (along with the addition of a brand new class). Following the plan provides you a balanced, safe and transformative way of moving your amazing body… plus, it takes away all the decision fatigue! 

If you do have more questions about Yoga, Pilates, Meditation or MerryBody in general, reach out so we can help, we’d love to hear from you.

Otherwise, we will see you on the mat! Be sure to start your Free 7 Day Trial to MerryBody so you can feel the benefits of these amazing online yoga classes.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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