Can Yoga Make You Happier? Here Are All the Ways That Yoga Makes You a Happier Person…

We couldn’t even count the number of times we have heard Yoga beginners say, “I am not a yoga person” or “I don’t think yoga will work for me or suit my personality; I cannot be that patient and calm.”

And each and every one of them has changed their mind!

Many people seem to be skeptical about Yoga when they are first starting. They are mostly constantly on the go (who is not nowadays?), and the mere idea of sitting on a mat and being still sounds entirely undoable for them. 

Nevertheless, yoga changes their mind every single time! Why? Because the practice of yoga makes you all of those positive things you think you are not: relaxed, calm, grounded, and… happy. For thousands of years, yogis have known the benefits of practicing yoga, but modern studies and research have shown that Yoga truly can make you happier.

And we don’t just leave it up to science… every day we see MerryBody Members change their lives for the better. 

Here’s how Yoga makes you happier.

Yoga changes your brain immediately.

Many people believe that it takes years and years of dedicated practice before happiness-related results or mental health improvement are seen and felt, but that is not the case. Actually, the opposite is true!

Several studies have shown that the brain’s gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) levels significantly raise after just one hour of Yoga practice! Higher GABA levels are associated with lower levels of anxiety and depression. This means that just one Yoga class can change your brain chemistry and improve your mood.

And the best part is that you can do our MerryBody classes in the comfort of your own home! In our MerryBody Online Studio, we offer unlimited Yoga (Pilates and Meditation) classes that can be done wherever you are, whenever you want. 

Long-term yoga means long-term changes.

But what happens if you stick with Yoga and do it for more extended periods of time? Well, the benefits only multiply! Those who regularly practice Yoga report themselves to be much healthier, and they report their happiness level rising and remaining high (without fluctuations). Several studies have also shown that regular Yoga practice reduces fatigue, anxiety, and anger levels.  

The saying goes true: Yoga doesn’t change the world… it changes the way you see and interact with the world. 

We like to say, Yoga changes the lens through which you see your life. And it’s not woo woo, it’s the chemicals that are released again and again, tied together with the new philosophy filtered through Yoga… that allows and encourages these changes to occur. 

Breathing correctly makes you happier.

Just like we mention in pretty much ALL of our previous posts, breathing is one of the essential parts of Yoga practice. Oh and it’s pretty essential for life itself. 

During our classes, we teach you how to breathe correctly in order to relax the body and the mind. We also have a selection of breathwork classes that take it to an even deeper level.  

Several studies have shown that the ability to regulate the breath and become aware of it is vital in lowering stress. Being able to regulate emotions and stress leads to feeling overall happier and better in your skin.  

Pairing breathwork and yoga is a guaranteed happiness-booster, the great thing is, breathwork exercises can be done wherever you are, whenever you want… you know those moments where you feel your heart starting to race, your blood begins to boil, pull out one of the breathwork techniques we tech you to prevent and de-escalate real-life stressful situations.

If you’re a MerryBody Member, go ahead and pair Thrive and Flow Yoga with Extended Exhale Pranayama. 

Yoga helps your posture, which improves your mood. 

Did you know that your mood can be (and very often is) related to your posture?

Did you know that your posture can directly affect your mood?

It’s easy to agree that we slump when we are sad… but what if we also get sad when we slump?! 

Your physiology is directly related to your psychology.

Try this now, slump your shoulder, look down to the ground, and just tune in to how you feel…

Now, roll those shoulders up, back and down, look toward the horizon, whack a warm smile on the face… notice a change? Life feels lighter, more optimistic, more positive… happier!

Changing and improving your posture can change your mood and improve it significantly. Just like the superwoman pose; it has been proven that standing in a superwoman pose (hands on hips, shoulders back, and proud) for a minute or two makes you more confident!

Practicing Yoga is going to strengthen the brain-body connection, allowing the body to send the messages to the brain that make it feel lively, healthier, and overall happier! 

This really is just the beginning, read more about how Changes Your Brain and How Yoga Helps you Manage Stress and Anxiety. 

And if you made this far, we’re guessing either you love Yoga like us, or you really really really want to try it but you just don’t know where to start… 

This is where our Free 7 Day Trial for MerryBody comes in. You get to try it all, the classes, the meditations, the community for no charge at all. It really is risk free with all the potential for you to gain a wholeeeeee lot of good vibes.


As always, if you ever have questions or just want to chat, reach out on the Socials or email us! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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