Coconut Raspberry Superfood Protein Smoothie Recipe.

Have you read our review all about Think Vitality Nutrition?! A completely clean, nasty free, superfood, super awesome protein powder supplement! Read about it here! BUT we’re guessing you came here for our super delish Coconut Raspberry Superfood Protein Smoothie! Well, lucky we love you! Here’s the recipe and some pretty looking photos! If you want to get your hands on this delicious clean and healthy protein check it out here!

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Emma + Carla

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Coconut Raspberry Superfood Protein Smoothie3

Coconut Raspberry Superfood Protein Smoothie.

serves: 2   prep/make time: 5 minutes

stuff you need…

2 serves of Think Vitality Nutrition WPI Superfood Blend Coconut (or your protein of choice)
1/2 cup raspberries (we used frozen)
3 cups coconut water
2 tbs. coconut yoghurt (this is optional, we like ours a little creamier!)
1 cup ice

now what…

Simply place all of the ingredients into your blender and WHIZ until smooth!
Top with a few extra raspberries to make it super cute!

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