Merrymakers do The Color Run! | 28 February Canberra.

the color run
 This is a sponsored post in collaboration with The Color Run. We only work with aligned and amazing brands, people and events and let us tell you… we’re so excited to partner with this amazing event! 

We are mega-freaking-so-excited about
The Color Run! AHH! The best bit… it’s coming to our hometown, Canberra next Sunday 28 February.

We will be there running/walking/skipping/laughing and hopefully covered in all the pretty colours at the finish line.

But wait… there’s more, it’s the Shine Tour so this means there is glitter.

You know we love us some glitter, it makes everything better. We can’t wait to be sprinkled in shimmery goodness!

We’ve done 5 km runs before, they’re fun but we’ve never ever done a 5 km run where you cross the finish line for a colour, shimmer, glitter, music party!

This is the stuff merry dreams are made of. We totally get why they call it the happiest 5k on the planet!

The outfits are sorted. Stripy headband and sunnies (to keep glitter sweat out of eyes), pink tutu (because… duh), knee high socks (because… fun) and golden HAPPY tattoo (do we even need to give a reason?!).

the color run

We can guarantee that there will be a lot of Snapchat and Instagram action during The Color Run (add us on snap: themmsisters).

Merry Rule #1: make all workouts FUN

From years of treating exercise as a chore, we realised we had to change our attitude.

6 months ago we committed to a decision.  To make all our workouts fun!

Let us tell you, working out has never been better. We no longer have that dreaded feeling leading up to a workout and we never watch a treadmill count down (because… boring).

Instead, we mix up our workouts! Because trying new stuff rocks and routines suck. So you can tell why The Color Run fits perfectly into our workout schedule.

It’s gonna be an awesome workout sesh but oh so much better coz we’ll be laughing the whole entire way.  Happy endorphins flowing and best ab workout ever, with no crunch in sight.

merrymaker colour run

Yes, we are a little bit excited. Headbands, on point!

The Color Run is a huge party to celebrate our fitness levels, whatever it may be, a celebration of our shapes, no matter what size. With a goal to simply inspire healthier and happier lives. Ticks our boxes.

So what do you reckon? Will you get your colour and glitter on with us? And if you’re in Canberra and coming along, let us know and we will see you at Commonwealth Park on Sunday 28 Feb! Bring. It. On! Get all the info here!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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