5 reasons why comfy shoes will change your life forever.


We know, we know… comfy shoes don’t scream sexy do they?! Well actually they can and they do. We’re super pumped to share the epicness of FRANKiE4 Footwear with you all. We’ve partnered up with them to give you 5 reasons why comfy shoes will change your life forever.

Both of us had a long love affair with the highest of heels. We’d go out dancing all night in either a. stilettos b. super high wedges or c. platforms. Seriously, these shoes looked so freaking good BUT far out our poor feet!

There was cuts, blood, scars, blisters, sore ankles, sore feet, sore backs. But it was all worth it, right? 

Then we’d have our work shoes. Which were just as high and uncomfy as the party shoes. There may not have been blood and cuts but there sure were sore feet!  

Then we had the ballet flats. We don’t even know if our old $15 ballet flats could even be called shoes. It was pretty much a layer of cardboard between the cold ground and our feet.

We say, bring on the comfy shoes. So let’s get into it and have some comfy-shoe-fun!

5 reasons why comfy shoes will change your life forever.

1. The foot pain might just disappear.

You know that niggling arch/heel/achilles pain you’ve had for a few years and you blame it on old age (even though you’re like 25-29, ok we’re talking about ourselves here) well there is a good chance it’s from shitty shoes. FRANKiE4 come with these fancy pant footbeds, all hidden support in every style, they do all the good stuff to support your soles!

2. You won’t be that friend.

You can go out and dance all night and you won’t be the annoying friend who needs to leave early because… your feet hurt. Seriously, Carla danced the entire day in her FRANKiE4s last weekend (it was a beach party!). It was so ridiculously FUN and pain-free! #wasntTHATfriend

3. You’ll be less likely to fall on your butt. #winning.

Ever wondered why it’s hard to walk in super high, skinny heels? All your weight is in the ball of your foot so it completely whacks with your balance and pretty much everything. Hands up if you’ve stacked in stilettoes *all hands up*. 

Both points 3 and 4, we’ve fixed with the help of these adorable heels. She’s named EMMA (so extra points, right?! Emma is wearing them below) and they are ridiculously comfortable. You get the look of the heel but you are literally walking on clouds.

Emma wears the comfiest heels ever! The ‘Emma’ by FRANKiE4!

We’re switching the ole ballet flats for these ridiculously cute sneakers. Named ELLiE and NAT (Carla’s wearing these below!). A revolution in kicks, they actually support your feet and ankles. And hello metallic silver (see featured image!) is oh so fun and goes perfectly with a summer/fake tan or fun leggings.

Carla wears FRANKiE4 'Nat' sneaker! CaaaaUTE!
Carla wears FRANKiE4 ‘Nat’ sneaker! CaaaaUTE!
4. The accidental hike.

You know all those times you’re traveling, or just out and about and you end up walking like 10-20 kms. Yes, we’ve all been there! YAY for extra exercise but BOO for the sore feet and a limp by the end of the day. Always be organised with comfy shoes!

5. Comfy shoes DO NOT = nanna shoes.

The idea of comfy shoes might be those big white/black sneakers. You know those ones? Well… you’re wrong! FRANKiE4 have like the cutest shoes ever, including heels, sandals, flats, sneakers and boots!

#BOOM! The shoes are podiatrist and physiotherapist designed. They’re designed to support and cushion your feet. Sounds heavenly! And see, super cute!


Look out for more smoothie/shoe #flatlays on our Instagram and Facebook. These shoes are too lovely not to share! PLUS there might just be a little sneaky giveaway coming up on Instagram (when we say might, we mean definitely). Follow our IG account here so you can be in it to win it! Follow their IG account here because… #solesavers.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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