3 Day Core


Day 2:

Build confidence from within

Somewhere, somehow and for some reason, the common idea of
being “healthy” puts practically zero emphasis on loving and being
kind to yourself… and it’s time to change that.

Over these 3 days you will experience an empowering, energizing and
entirely flexible way of working out that will guide you to
feeling at home in your body. 

Instead of feeling like you have to slave away on the treadmill,
or do 45 minute HIIT classes every other day, press play on today’s
class and let us show you what it feels like to build confidence
from within.

Let us remind you that your body, right here, right now, is absolutely
amazing, just as it is, that you are amazing, just as you are.

Today's class is

Planking Burn

The Pilates Plank is our all-time favourite way to
move, this 5 minute Planking Burn Pilates class
will work your core PLUS get your heart pumping!
The perfect class to add some cardio to your day.
And all you need is 5 (or so) minutes.
Remember, we always have modifications!
A great option is on the knees and Carla demonstrates
this during the class. And don’t forget to breathe,
inhale through the nose and exhale through
the mouth, this helps to keep the core engaged!

Let’s create that inner fire!

Once you’ve done the class,
snap a pic and share it to your IG stories!

Tag @themerrymakersisters
so we can reshare it!
See you on the mat!

Always Merrymaking,


Today's Class:

Planking Burn Pilates

Today's Meditation:


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