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Hands up who has packed a healthy brekky, lunch, dinner or snacks (or all of the above) for your international flight? We have! But YAY, have we’ve got good news for you! The healthy deliciousness served at Corretto Cafe & Bar is here to rescue us from pre-flight food prep. Coz let’s be honest… packing the suitcase is already enough stress before the travel!

Corretto Cafe & Bar is located at the International Terminal at the Brisbane Airport. It’s on Level 4 and you can access it before you go through security… so it’s also the perfect place to have a little farewell get together with loved ones. 

We got to test out 5 of the menu items, yes 5 items! Don’t worry they were smaller serves than the actual menu! Everything we tried at this healthy airport cafe was gluten free, refined sugar free and vegan! Our mouths literally dropped open when we kept seeing all our dietary requirements being met. #thankyou #weloveyou!

So let’s get straight into the #foodart because we know that’s why you’re here. Drum roll, please!

Dish 1: cacao and goji berry chia pudding

We very rarely make chia puddings and we never order them but whenever we eat them we’re like… ohhhh this is why everyone loves them! WE SHOULD EAT THEM MORE OFTEN!

They are bloody delicious and this one was just oh so pretty.

The balance of the sweet chocolate layer and the creaminess of the coconut yoghurt layer was perfection. If you’re in a hurry for a quick, healthy and easy to eat breakfast this chia pudding is for you! There’s the additional crunch factor thanks to the cacao nibs. We say yes to this chia pud. 


Dish 2: cacao granola

110 points for creativity here! Our official new fave way to serve granola… press it into a tart dish. Genius, like who woulda thunk it? So pretty and so fun.

We thought Dish 1 was delish but dish 2 just won!

The combo of cacao and berries always gets us. The amazing thing about Corretto Cafe & Bar is that their BIG on local produce… and you could definitely tell with this dish. The berries were the biggest, juiciest berries we ever did see – it was like a table topic discussion for over 5 minutes.


Dish 3: coconut quinoa porridge

This dish wins for stepping outside the box, with a flavour combo of salted caramel, banana, coconut and lime. Yeh… it’s different! We’ll always be chocolate lovers but imagine a paradise island and that’s what this coconut porridge tastes like! Delish!

It was a quinoa-based porridge which we LOVE because it goes oh so creamy! Again it was gluten free, refined sugar free and vegan… we told you they got us covered! 


Dish 4: sweet corn fritters

I (Emma here) love my savoury brekky but Carla loves her sweet brekky so I was literally counting down to these sweet corn fritters. Apparently, this is the most popular brekky option at Corretto Cafe & Bar and for good reason!

Firstly… fritter anything is awesome and corn fritters are the ultimate fritter. We don’t eat corn every day but every now and again we thoroughly enjoy this gluten free grain (either in corn chip form 😛 or fritter form).

The capsicum, red onion, coriander, tomato relish and avocado topping combo was party in mouth action. If you love Mexican food, if you love fritters, if you love avocado, if you love YUM food… then we’re 100% sure you should order these fritters (yes, you’re welcome).

Dish 5: balsamic mushrooms

This mushroom was everything! The actual stuff dreams are made of. This breakfast option wins because it adds extra veggies to your day. We’re meant to be eating about 5 to 7 serves of veggies a day (yes you read that right… 5 to 7 and the more the merrier really!) and most of us are not (guilty!). So any meal which adds extra veggies in a delicious way gets our tick of approval! Yes to the mushies, yes to the snow peas and heck YES to the avo!

This is just 5 of the healthy meals available at the Corretto Cafe & Bar (our new fave healthy airport cafe!). You should see the entire menu, if you’re anything like us, get to the airport extra early because it will take you 30 minutes just to pick your meal there are that many options!

Which dish takes your fancy? Our top tip… go with a foodie friend, order one sweet, one savoury and go halves! YAY!


A few other reasons why we love Corretto Cafe and Bar:

They are passionate about using local produce, which is good for the environment and good for Aussie farmers. They have a paddock to gate philosophy (round of applause for the play on words… we absolutely LOVE this). 

All the staff were super friendly, helpful and excited about the food. Far out we love good service with a smile and we reckon it makes the food taste better.

It doesn’t really feel like you’re at the airport UNTIL you look out the window and realise you have the best view of the runway (which is always a little exciting, right?!). 

Did we mention all the dishes we tried were DELICIOUS?! Be sure to checkout Correto Cafe & Bar on your next trip!

Ok now, it’s time to start planning our next international trip! Hmmm where to go… LA, Europe, Fiji, Bali, Hawaii?! At least we know where to go for good food before our flight! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

This healthy cafe review is a sponsored post. We only work with companies and brands we wholeheartedly believe in. If you have any questions, please get in touch. 

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