We Were Diet Food Addicts.

‘Hi, we are the merrymaker sisters and we are diet food and beverage addicts’….we would have said six months ago!

So the answer to the above question is a big 99% fat free FOE.

YES, another past addiction (remember we spoke about our bread addiction) and again, we are not kidding with the term addiction. It was getting ridiculous, we were drinking a minimum of two cans of coke zero every day. The yoghurt was always at least 97% fat free and 99% fat free lollies were good for us…right…?

Really it does make sense on paper, a food or drink product with less fat will make us, well, less fat! Deep down we knew it was bad for us, you just had to turn the product around to the ingredient list and see that fat free foods are stuffed with sugar, or even worse artificial sweeteners like aspartame. We were just so addicted we ignored it.

We could go on about the health issues and whether they are factual or not BUT there is a wealth of scientific studied articles out on this wide world web of ours, so spend a little time and do your research.  Search ‘the dangers of diet soda’ and a heap of health implications will flood your computer screen.  They include depression, headaches, dizziness, increased PMS symptoms (well this one explains a lot!) to the more frightening cancer and MS.

So the purpose of this post is to announce that we kicked our fat free food/soda addiction in the butt and you can too!  Stop and you will reap the benefits. We are talking clearer skin, clearer mind, more energy and weight loss!

Oh but you’re afraid you will miss out on all the ‘yummy’ food and drinks? Well get this into your system! An all clean, paleo friendly icey coffee frappe! It is the best pick-me-up, especially when you have been blogging all day!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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