Do Short Workouts Actually Do Anything? Are They Worth It?

Before we became Yoga and Pilates Instructers we were always under the impression that a workout had to go for at least one hour. Anything less…not worth it. Short workouts were meaningless.

COMMON UN-TRUE BELIEF: You have to spend hours at the gym to see any results.

When you have this belief (like we did too), it means any workout less than 1 hour seems pointless. So when you don’t have that dedicated hour… you’re more likely to skip the workout altogether.

But the truth is, when it comes to movement… ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING!

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If you’re not quite sure… keep reading.

MYTH BUSTED: more time slaving away at the gym equals more results.

It just makes sense, right?

Actually, not at all!

When you shift your focus and change your concept about what it means to be healthy, more hours in the gym is not the answer.

Instead, it’s simply about finding a window of time when you have the energy and availability to move your body – and yes… this can be just 10 minutes a day!

It was once we started our MerryBody Online Studio we fast realised how this myth sets you up to fail.

That all or nothing mindset… often means nothing at all.

This is the exact reason WHY we are huge fans of short workouts. They take up little time and they are effective!

 We believe regular shorter workouts are more effective than an every-now-and-then massive workout.

This way, every day you experience the amazing, life changing benefits from exercise… that is, the release of feel-good endorphins, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing joy and happiness PLUS building strength and flexibility!

And YES! In just 10 minutes you can strengthen and work your amazing body and most importantly, FEEL AMAZING.

And this is why we’ve created our 5 Day Pilates and Yoga Challenge with daily 10 minute classes.

This shorter time frame makes exercise more accessible and more do-able.

In 10 minutes you can make a cup of tea, decide what you’re going to wear for the day, watch 1/4 of your favourite TV show, reply to 3 emails… OR do a MerryBody workout.

10 minute short workouts absolutely will make a huge difference to your life.

Because in this sedentary society we live in… any movement is better than none!

So let’s scrap the ‘all or nothing’ mindset and welcome in the ‘any is better than none’ mindset. It makes a lot more sense.

It sets you up for success instead of failure.

Are you nodding along? Perhaps a small AHA! moment is happening (we hope so!).

… if you have 10 minutes (you do) and you want to add more exercise to your day…

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❌ no equipment needed

❌ no more fitting in with someone else’s schedule

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If you have any questions, hit reply and ask away!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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