Easy healthy slow cooker recipes to get you through winter!


It’s officially winter in Australia. Well, since moving up to the Gold Coast we’re not 100% sure if we can call this winter. BUT it’s definitely winter in Canberra (where we used to live) so this means it’s the perfect time to share these super easy, healthy slow cooker recipes with you all! 

And we can confirm they are all so bloody yum and ‘easy recipe’ is an understatement.

We love slow cooking BUT what we don’t like is when you have to sear the meat or cook it with the spices or fry the onion before you whack everything in the slow cooker.  Back in the day if we saw a recipe like this we’d just find another recipe.

We get it, the flavour is enhanced but the flavour is still bloody epic when you skip this step. And hello, less washing up and less time in the kitchen WINS! So that’s why all these easy, healthy slow cooker recipes don’t need any pre-cooking (but you can add this step if you like haha).

Slow cooking also makes eating healthy during winter so much easier. We get it, when you’re cold you crave comfort foods but you can also get kinda get lazy after work. When it’s pitch black and freaking freezing sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is cooking.

Well noooooow you can spend 15 minutes in the morning preparing the slow cooker recipe, just turn in on and BOOM you get to come home to a beautiful dinner. Ahhh, sounds nice!

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If you already have the app (yay you) you can download the slow cooker recipe bundle NOW! You’ll find the bundle section in the main menu. 

These are the 6 easy healthy slow cooker recipes you’ll get!

Slow cooked chicken bacon delish.

Talk about delish food combos! Chicken and bacon are a match made in heaven. You will love this recipe.


Slow cooked veggie curry.

You know slow cooked meat is all kinds of delish but this veggie dish is sahhhh good! But you can also add meat if you like. 


Slow cooked apple pulled pork.

Pulled pork has got to be one of the best slow cooked dinners. Talk about crowd pleasing good! And don’t get us started on the apple pork combo. 


Slow cooked butter chicken.

Yes, we can confirm, butter chicken in the slow cooker is all kinds of deeeelish! 


Kinda Turkish style slow cooked lamb.

It’s kinda Turkish and definitely delicious. 


Slow cooked Mexican shredded beef.

Mexican anything is the best. This recipe is the best. Make it and share a Merry Mexican party photo with us on the socials! #GetMerry yay.


We think you should all go and give your slow cooker a big old thankyou hug. Like seriously, thank you for cooking our dinners while we go out and do life.

Get all these healthy slow cooker recipes on the Get Merry recipe app. You’ll also get access to 200+ other quick, healthy, delicious merrymaker recipes. YAY! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla


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