“I’m gonna eat healthy tomorrow…” said almost everyone.


How many times have you said that? 

We used to say it ALL. THE. TIME… except it was usually: “We’ll eat healthy starting on Monday.” We used to call Fridays… fat Fridays. We’d binge on all the stuff that we’d labelled ‘naughty’ and eat until we felt sick. Then we’d feel guilty for hours… days sometimes… then do it all over again. It was a nasty little cycle that ruled our lives.

Maybe you’ve experienced it too? The guilt of past meals, or the anxiety of what you’re going to eat next. It was like we were paralysed by this cycle and didn’t know where to go next, so we just kept doing it because it was all we knew. 

It wasn’t until we found this real food way of living (aka the Get Merry way) that our lives changed. When we started eating this way, all the stuff that was going round and round in our heads slowly started to fade away, allowing room for more positive thoughts, which lead on to more positive lives… which lead on to creating the Merrymaker Sisters.

Crazy to think that it all started with a simple change of our diet.


When we started though, it was very overwhelming. There was so much info out there that confused us, we really had to google our way through it all, spending hours reading and testing out new ways to make real food un-boring and un-bland… but most importantly, ways to make it super quick and easy.

Since 2013 we’ve shared our journey, learnings and all the yummy recipes with you, almost 4 years of being human experiments! Woh! 

The Get Merry way of living is all about getting rid of the stress when it comes to healthy eating. We get so caught up in the yes/no list, this calorie/that macro, low carb/keto, blah blah, that we stress ourselves out so much and end up going nowhere (sometimes backwards). 

What if we just simplified it? Made it fun (and yum)? Easy and stress-free?

Ahh… that sounds good! That’s why we’re SO excited to tell you that we’ve created the Get Merry Starter Kit.

It’s everything you need to kick off your healthy (Merry) lifestyle right… now!

If you’re over the diets, the restrictions, the confusion and food-related-anxiety it’s time to say (really loudly):

“Stuff the diets and guilt trips… I’m gonna #GetMerry instead.”

The Starter Kit has 3 weeks of meal plans with 45 epic recipes (that have no gluten, sugar, grains or dairy, just good stuff), shopping lists and prep tips. Plus over 10 hours of inspiring recordings to show you exactly how to create your happiest, healthiest, most merriest life possible.

Holly who took part in our recent Merrymaker challenge said:

“Not having to think too hard about what and how to prepare meals and then being blown away with amazing flavours is what I love the most about the Merrymakers Sisters recipes. Plus the interviews with health experts, not just about food but all round wellbeing has really set me on a great path physically and mentally for the rest of the year.”


The #GetMerry Starter Kit is what you’ve been looking for: an easy to follow plan, recipes and epic inspiration. 

Here’s what’s included…

21 day meal plan

With weekly shopping lists and prep tips to get you super organised and on track.

45 fun and yum healthy recipes (not on the blog!)

3 recipe rules we follow: quick, easy and delish. Brekkies, dinnies and Sunday sweet treats.

Health expert summit: recorded audio sessions

Fast track your knowledge and get inspired with access to over 10 hours of recordings from health and happiness leaders.

Step-by-step guides and templates

Fill-a-ble meal plan, pantry/fridge staple list and more.

Virtual Merry vibes

Don’t worry… you’ll feel them.

If you’re ready to #GetMerry with us, you can download the Starter Kit today for just $29. 


If you have any questions… just hit reply and we’ll get back to you! Ah! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s Already feeling merry? Forward this onto someone who’s just starting their health journey.

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