Eating Paleo Cheap in New York.

Everyday we’re loving NYC more and more! You know we also love good food right? Well we also love good, cheap food! We’ve definitely been eating paleo cheap in New York! We are going to do a full ‘Eating Paleo in NYC’ wrap up at the end of the trip but we couldn’t resist sharing an update!

Before we came over here we asked for foodie recommendations from everyone and Bare Burger came up A LOT! So it was at the top of our ‘To Eat’ list. we enjoyed it for dinner  last night and the verdict?! We freaking loved it! We ordered grilled chicken on a bed of lettuce (instead of the bun) with tomato, baby spinach and fried egg. We also had mustard but there was probably sugar in it… bugger. Oh and please be careful not to drown in your drool over those sweet potato chippies! This was a serve of sweet potato chips and if you didn’t notice it is HUGE! Next time we’ll just share one side of chippies! 

The best bit about Bare Burger is that most of the ingredients they use are organic! How good is that?! What’s even better is that it won’t cost you an arm or leg… it’s an essential stop off for eating paleo cheap in New York! All this cost us $35 American and we really only needed half those chippies!


Oh and if you’re wondering… we did eat all those sweet potato chips! But it’s ok… because we walked over 20 000 steps today! We walked from our Lower East Side apartment to Hu Kitchen for coffee and mash bowls. We are 100% going to do a full feature of Hu Kitchen, because it rocks our merrymaker world! We know it would rock yours too! Oh and yes, it’s actually cheap!  We can’t wait to write this post… but think we will need to do a little more research! 

Our mash bowls (which are yummy toppings all mashed together) and coffees were less than $20 American!

After Hu Kitchen we walked up 5th Avenue… slowly everything started to change i.e. more brand name shops and less graffiti. We passed Sephora and thought we better go in… so many people rave about it for some reason! Ok… we get it. One hour later we left with pretty eyebrows and lips, and of course a few products!

 the merrymaker sisters_NYC

Next stop, Times Square. To be honest Times Square wasn’t high on the list but we had to go! It is CRAZY! So busy, so many advertisements and some mega huge buildings. Definitely a lot to take in at once! We stayed for about 10 minutes and went on our merry way to Broadway to watch Jersey Boys. It was amazing! 


So by now we were STARVING! We’d heard about this place called Dig Inn Seasonal Market (thanks to our yogi friend Danielle!). It’s like a healthy fast food franchise. You pretty much pick a base, protein and sides. It’s ready in like 2 minutes, quick, healthy and delish!  We got a salad with chick peas, but there are 100% paleo salad options. All this was just $15 American! This blew our minds. That is bloody cheap! $15 for TWO meals!


This is what the Dig Inn team say…

“We believe everyone deserves to eat well, even on a budget. So we’re democratising the farm-to-table movement by offering ridiculously good food at a reasonable price.  That means sourcing local, seasonal ingredients – not just because they are ‘local’ – but because fresh, healthy ingredients taste best. That means you’ll find grills, flames, and all the other good stuff people use to cook real food behind our counters. If there’s a steak on your salad, we’re grilling it ourselves, on the spot. We’re here to change the way people eat. And thanks to you, things are off to a great start.”

Another point we’d like to add is that eating paleo cheap in New York is easy  because between Bare Burger and Dig Inn there are so many franchises! #yay 

Thanks so much for following along our #merrymakersDoNYC adventure and once again huge love to Raw Blend and Australian Blueberries.

Just after 4 days  here in New York our inspiration levels are outer control and we just can not wait to share all our plans with you! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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