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Today’s topic is going to fast track your way to finding your perfect diet.

We already know you’re ready to feel and look your best. So let’s get started!


Have you ever felt tired, bloated, brain foggy, gassy or just blah after eating? We’re going to say there’s high chance that you’ve felt one, two or maybe all of those crappy things.

Even when you eat a 100% real food diet… you can still feel these things. Yes, definitely causes what the actual flip?! moments.

BUT remember, NO STRESS! You can do something about it. You can start to listen to these feelings.

Instead of looking at these annoying feelings as well, annoying, start to look at them as messages from your body letting you know that something just ain’t right.

Yep! Time to get in tune to create a super-human-amazing you!

The most important thing is that you’re taking note of these feelings, so you can start to understand any patterns that might show up.


For example, you might eat healthy nachos and feel crap, and then another day feel crap after tomato zoodles. Perhaps it’s tomatoes that are making you feel like crap?

Seriously, Emma feels crap after red capsicum. Crazy, right?

Over the next 3 days be aware of how you feel after each meal. Note down the meals and foods you think are making you feel really really good as well as the foods that make you feel crappy (i.e. bloated, gassy, heavy and blah).

We’ve made it easy for you (duh!) with a yes/no list to fill out (it was in your email! Remember, if you want the eCourse sign up HERE). Do this and you are well on your way to finding YOUR perfect diet.

Trust us, yours will look very different to Emma’s, whose is different to Carla’s whose is different to… oh you get it! 🙂


Fill out the downloadable YES/NO sheet we sent you in today’s email and report back to us with any interesting findings. We want to hear all about it!

Seriously PUMPED for tomorrow’s module. It’s the module that makes healthy living ridiculously easy… and motivating. Intrigued? You betcha!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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