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Woah! 5 days goes FAST and it has been jam packed of ACTION steps.

Remember, all it takes is small step after small step, action after action to create an epic, healthy, happy life. You’ve totally got this.

Today it’s all about the ONE. HUGE. BIG mistake that everyone first makes.

Maybe you’ve already made it? Maybe we’re getting in early so you learn from our mistake! We hope so!

Either way, you’re about to hear it.



You’ve spent 5 days finding your perfect diet. Now it’s time to implement, to try your best and to plan a way forward.

No huge, big plans required. We’re talking a 1 week plan. Just 1 week at a time. This will make Your Perfect Diet easy, do-able and most importantly fun… oh, and delish!


Find a day during your week where you can set aside 30 minutes to plan your week ahead. Be sure to schedule it in your diary or calendar so you remember!

Then it’s the FUN part. Choosing recipes for brekky, dinner and snacks if you need them.

Here’s our tips to make your meal planning experience easy and fun:

  • Collect your fave recipes! It might be that you create a Pinterest board, have a recipe box, or mark cookbooks with post-its. This way you always have a bunch to choose from.
  • Use a cute meal plan to set it all out (we sent you a CUTE downloadable one in the email today!).
  • Plan for double dinners so it serves as leftovers for lunch the next day (you could even make triple and freeze leftovers for another day!). 
  • Mix up ingredients so you never get bored (if chicken, broccoli and brown rice sounds all too familiar PLEASE check out all our free recipes!).
  • Go for seasonal fruits and veg as they’re normally cheaper. 
  • Choose recipes that have similar herbs, that way you’re not buying 10 different bunches.

Depending when you start your week, set aside some time to prep for the week ahead. Prepping = you save time. Because you’re only washing up once, getting bowls out once, chopping stuff once etc. etc.


Don’t worry… we have prep tips too, because how do you know what to prep and what to do fresh?

Here goes:

  • Write a thorough shopping list (we sent you a downloadable, fill-a-ble one in your email!).
  • Make a batch of snackable items at the start of the week. Things like muffins, nut/seed mixes and healthy breads are always a good idea.
  • Cut up all your veggies and store in the fridge. The nutritional value goes down a LITTLE but the time saving factor is worth it.
  • If smoothies are on your meal plan, prepare all dry smoothie ingredients in a zip-lock bag and place in the fridge. Then it’s as simple as whack it in the blender, add ice, milk and blend!
  • If you’re REALLY short on time during the week, choose to make dinners that can be frozen and then thawed.

Do you have any more questions on meal planning and prepping? Ask away! Seriously, planning your week and your meals will ensure you keep winning at life and Your Perfect Diet.


Download the fill-a-ble meal plan and shopping list and follow our tips to create your own perfect diet meal plan.

Wow! Wow! Wow! That’s Day 5 of the Find Your Perfect Diet eCourse.

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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