Eggs… The White And Yellow Kind.

So you may have gathered we are having a chocolate egg-free easter. The number one reason being that we fell off the band wagon over Christmas (we fell hard…and the wagon drove over us: OUCH!) and we are never falling off again!  So paleo treats it is for easter! And we all know that these kinds of treats are 100% better anyway! No guilt and no repercussions.

But we do love easter eggs…so this year we are having a weekend filled with the white and yellow kind. Deeeeelish! Oh and healthy!

Back in the day it must have been so easy to go grocery shopping. There was one kind of everything. These days, the egg shelf goes on forever with at least 10 different types + brands. So let’s get the confusing business out of the way.

Cage eggs = the worst

Cage free and free range = all better than cage…but still cruel (not so chirpy chickens)

Pasture raised = better

Organic = the best. And organic eggs = happy chicks.

We know everything organic is a little more expensive but organic eggs means these chickies are not being fed animal byproducts, antibiotics and other nasties. Plus it is a lot less cruel as they have access to the pretty green grass outside.

Also look for pasteurized eggs, this means the eggs are put in warm water to kill all of the icky bacteria. This is very important if you eat raw eggs!

Now to the benefits.

  • The humble egg has had a bad wrap in the past. Cholesterol and eggs were once put in the same (easter bunny) basket. Well not anymore (e & c currently jumping for joy…while eating eggs). Some studies have even shown they decrease cholesterol (HOO-RAH!)
  • One egg has 6 grams of quality protein. So they keep you full and feed your muscles. Hello post workout meal.
  • Eggs have all nine essential amino acids (your body cannot make these and this is why eggs are known as a complete protein).
  • Eggs are one of the few foods which has naturally occurring vitamin D. Vitamin D builds our immunities, lowers the risk of cancer and makes our bones stronger. Tick, tick, tick.
  • If you are a calorie counter, you would be interested to know that one egg has about 70-90 calories (that’s not very many…woohoo!) Most of these calories are found in the yolk but  don’t go throwing them out all the time as this is where most of  the goodness is.  So be sure to mix it up between egg whites only and whole eggs.
  • And our favourite fact (for today anyway) is that one of the amino acids found in eggs converts to serotonin…and serotonin makes us HAPPY! 

Running out to buy a carton of eggs yet? Why wouldn’t you! Eggs not only have all of the benefits listed above but they are definitely one of the most amazing + versatile ingredients in whole wide world. From sweets to breakfast, the egg can compliment any meal time.

Here’s a quick and easy paleo mini frittata recipe that is perfect for meal prepping. Whip up a batch for snack time or breakfast on the go! We even enjoyed ours with some left over salad. The best thing about these is that you can put anything and everything in them! We cleaned out our fridge with the recipe below!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

p.s have a happy easter and hope the easter bunny brings you paleo hot cross buns, dark chocolate and breakfast in bed (perhaps you can request frittata?)

photo credit: Sugarland Studios via photopin cc

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