Exercise isn’t a chore anymore | Fiona’s MerryBody Transformation

We love teaching Yoga and Pilates but the real magic is the thousands of MerryBods we cross paths with. Hearing their experiences with Yoga, Pilates and the MerryBody Online Studio is truly amazing. We are honoured to be part of their journies.

This is Fiona, one of our long time members. She began her exercise journey later in life, after having her 3 kids.

“I had my three kids and was not feeling fabulous, so I started going to the gym, it was all okay but it felt like a chore. I hated going, I did it ’cause I felt I had to.”

Fiona couldn’t find a program that suited her. The classes felt hard and not good for her body. We hear you Fiona… and this is why we stopped doing HIIT workouts too!

Fiona also wanted a workout program to involve her kids, to show them the importance of daily movement and exercise. 

“My kids are 13, 12, and 9 and I wanted something that wasn’t going to cost us a fortune, that we didn’t have to buy a ridiculous amount of equipment. I wanted something we could all do”

Almost every day Fiona is on the mat with her kids.

Not only inspiring healthy movement but also a healthy self-accepting mindset. MerryBody is a movement driven by Self-Acceptance, Respect and Joy.

With MerryBody, you will flip the focus away from the negativity of what you’re not. And instead place it on who you are, and what you’re still to become.

“My daughter’s about to turn 14 and it’s tough to be a Year 8 girl, so I wanted something that would empower her.”

This is music to our ears! We remember just how hard it was back when we were 14 and now, with the additional anxiety from social media, the number of likes your latest gram gets and filters… ahhh! Anything we can do to help young people understand that they are enough just as they are… is simply the best!

We’re so grateful you and your family are part of MerryBody Fiona! 

“MerryBody has changed how I see exercise. I enjoy it now. I actually look forward to getting on the mat.”


If you would like to try MerryBody, sign up to the FREE 7 Day Trial HERE.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Ps. Thanks for chatting with us Fiona. You can hear more from Fiona below! 

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