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The Make Life Merry Challenge kicks off on October 5, it’s 4 weeks to get you healthier and happier! 

We’re super excited to connect with you and support you on your journey to optimal health. During the 4 weeks we’ll all join the Make Life Merry private Facebook group (you can also connect with us personally on Facebook if you like! Look us up: Emma Papas and Carla Papas). We’ll discuss health wins, issues, motivation, mindset and so much more! 

The truth is, you can do all the research (thanks Google), you can seek motivation from pretty much everywhere and you can literally improve your health by simply making the right decisions.

We’ve done all of this… but along our own personal health journeys we’ve had the bonus of ALWAYS having an accountability buddy, to keep us on track and excited about the changes we’re making. Plus we continue to consult with many different health experts. They all help us in amazing, unique ways!

Definitely the reason why our excitement factor shot through the roof when we confirmed our experts for the Make Life Merry Challenge! We’re so excited to connect you to them!

Each week you’ll hear from 1 of the experts via a live webinar where you’ll get to submit your questions.

Rachel Wyndham, Medical Doctor & Naturopath 

Dr Rachel Wyndham is a Medical Doctor and Naturopath. Rachel has dedicated her life to learning about wellness and how to re-establish balance and a sense of peace.  She’s here to simplify health. To educate and inspire you to make small easy changes that create a massive impact on your quality of life.

Luke Ardern, Personal Trainer

Luke Ardern is a qualified Personal Trainer and founder of The Adventure Project. Since 2012 he has inspired thousands to find the best in themselves through adventure and exercise. Luke believes that training doesn’t have to be boring or be seen as a chore. It should be fun. Exciting. Adventurous. He’s here to point you in the right direction when it comes to your fitness.

Michele Chevalley, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

Testimonial_MicheleMichele Chevalley is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, author and founder of A Healthy View. Michele has a huge understanding of the challenges faced when trying to incorporate good nutrition into a fast paced career and family. She believes that ‘extremes’ do not work – real food does. She’s here to share her nutritional knowledge with you in a fun, easy to understand way.

Brett Hill, Chiropractor

Dr Brett Hill is co-host of 2 of Australia’s top rated health podcasts, public speaker, paleo advocate, chiropractor, barefoot runner and author of numerous books. Brett’s here to help you with simple solutions for lifelong energy and vitality.

Wondering if the Make Life Merry Challenge is right for you? Get all the info here and get in touch if you have any questions! We look forward to welcoming you to the group! Let’s DO THIS!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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