Our 3 Favourite Crystals for Health and Happiness.


If you really know us you know we love our crystals. We use our crystals for health and happiness factors and yes, they’re a little woo woo but they’re a whole lot of fun. Even if you think it’s all a bunch of pseudoscience… you can’t deny the pretty factor!

Have you seen beautiful crystals pop up on your Instagram feed? Have you seen them at your yoga studio? Have you heard people talking about them on podcasts, at events, at your day spa? Are you nodding your head? 

We used to collect crystals as kids but it wasn’t until 2013 when we started to learn more about the energy, healing and meaning behind them. We dove straight in and somehow ended up at a spiritual and health workshop learning about the power of crystals to help unblock energy in the body. This was all news to us. Fascinating and super fun news!

We love Disney and unicorns and believe that the world is one magical place. If you tell us these pretty rocks have magical healing powers we will lap it all up.

Tell us again how the crystals make us magical?!

As you can imagine later that day we had a collection of new crystals and the collection grew and grew (we’re not ones to half-arse)… it continues to grow. 

We could feel the energy from the crystals. Told ya… woo woo. But even if it’s complete BS scientifically (which we don’t think it is) we really don’t care.

The crystals make us feel good and holding a pretty rock and placing them around the house seems like a fabulous idea. Yes! Fabulous! Crystals… clap. clap. clap!

Our 3 Favourite Crystals for Health and Happiness

Amethyst allows you to tap into intuition. It’s a calming stone that promotes creativity. The big purple stone in the below picture.


Citrine the abundance crystal. Also known as the success stone and enhances your manifesting practice. Supports mental clarity and creativity (our favourite stone at the moment!). Actually our favourite for a long time! It’s the goldy, orangey, sandy coloured stone.


Rose Quartz the crystal of love. Self-love and attracts love from others. They are the pink stones below.


We have so many other crystals in our collection but these 3 have been our favourites for a while. There are so many others you can choose from to support different areas. Like amber is the healing crystal, black tourmaline protects from negative energy, emerald (a precious stone) is for love and prosperity and calcite for grounding and confidence.

We place our crystals around the house. Wear them on our arms and necks. We believe they each bring a certain good energy to our lives.

If this is a little too weird for you, simply use them as a reminder. We still use our crystals like this.

When we look at the rose quartz crystals they remind us to love.

When we look at the citrine we remember that we have all that we need and to think abundant thoughts to attract abundance back.

Our amethyst reminds us to think creatively and continue our mindfulness practises.  

Ahhh we feel so good writing about this, we love using our crystals for health and happiness. 

Let us know what you think and what your favourite crystals are. We’d love to hear from you.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

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