Our favourite yoga playlists to get you in the flow.


Who else LOVES music? All hands up surely. You know the tunes that speak to your heart and just make you go OHHHH! This! Usually teamed with some weird facial expression that’s really saying “far out I love this song and I’m going to add it to my new playlist.”

We do this ALL. THE. TIME. And, now we realise that our favourite pass time (and by pass time we mean the times when we really should be doing another task) is to create playlists.

Not just any playlist though. EPIC yoga playlists. Yoga playlists that are going to get you into the flow!

And no, you don’t have to do yoga when you listen! Maybe you just need some more love in your life, more sunshine, more groundedness, more joy… the playlists will bring that!

When Carla teaches she loves to theme the philosophy with the tunes. 

Sunshine yoga has songs all about, well, sunshine, and the philosophy was all about igniting your inner fire and transformation. Linking to the solar plexus chakra (the space behind the navel).

Big love yoga has songs all about BIG BIG LOVE! And the philosophy was all about opening your heart and always choosing love in every situation.

R N beats yoga, well, you guessed it, has RNB beats! It’s epic and the philosophy wasn’t about finding your inner gangsta 😛 it was about stepping into your greatness! OH YEAH!

Music has power. You hear the lyrics. You feel the vibrations. You connect with the words. Sometimes music can even take you back to a memory.

Tune in here and let us know which playlist is your favourite!

Enjoy getting into your flow with our fave yoga playlists, carefully curated by yours truly <3

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

P.s if you’re on the Gold Coast come and play with Emma and Carla on the mat, they both teach at Essence of Living! 

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