I had an epiphany about why I am finally exercising everyday

how to exercise everyday

“I had an epiphany yesterday – that I stopped exercising everyday because I didn’t like what I was doing – I don’t enjoy going to the gym.

I don’t enjoy running as much as I love my yoga classes.

I don’t like going out at night to attend Yoga Classes at a studio. I already leave for work before the sun is up and come home in the dark!

I realised I had all these ‘Should’s’ in my mind.


I should run…

I should go to the gym…

I should go to a real life Yoga Studio…

But then I realised that staying home and doing Yoga and Pilates in my pyjamas is actually so fun. And that’s exactly what I need to do! Because the movement that I enjoy is the exercise that I do!”

We received this email from one of our amazing MerryBody Members we could not agree more.

Finding a way of movement that you actually enjoy is essential to creating a consistent exercise habit.

An exercise habit that leads to better health.

A habit that makes you feel good every day.

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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