Merrymaker Sisters founding video | Merries get BoredAF


Excuse us everyone! We know we say “we’re sooooo excited” quite regularly but guess what… we’re actually honestly, genuinely excited pretty bloody often! 

But today we’re extra excited times a million because we’ve been cartoon-a-fied and it’s adorable and fun and the best thing in the world!

It’s better than we could’ve ever imagined! IT’S EPIC and yes we’re yelling that in caps lock! EPIC!

We’ll shut up and let you see for yourself!

The Merrymaker sisters are not your average online influencers. A boring explainer video would NEVER do them justice. So we pulled out the fun parts of their story and animated a non-boring 3 minute video that expresses their unique personality.

Why thank you for the compliment team BoredAF

We love compliments and we love to return compliments!

BoredAF is all kinds of epic magic! It’s a brand spankin’ new biz founded by Dan Norris and we have a feeling it’s going to blow up in all the right ways!

Not only are we mega stoked about the finished product but the whole process of creating this Merry masterpiece was sahhhh much fun! 

boredaf-merries-storyboard 2

We knew our story (obviously, coz it’s us) but BoredAF knew what bits to keep and what bits to chuck to make sure a. it wasn’t actually boringAF and b. the beginning of Merrymakers was actually captured.

We can not wait to speak at our next event and open with this video (oh bummer, spoiler alert! BUT WE’RE SO EXCITED!). What’s better than us telling our story? Us in cartoon telling our story! Heck to the freaking yeh!

We also have to send out some huge virtual high fives to Daniel. He does all the BoredAF illustrations and animations and he’s a bloody creative genius we reckon! Like… cartoon Merries actually look like real life Merries. You made us so cute, thank you and you rock our Merry socks!


Ahhhh! Excitement is at all time high! Hope you can feel the vibes!

If you have a biz story worthy of animation, or maybe you know someone who does? Checkout BoredAF. They do fun explainer videos for cool companies.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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