From dieting to self-acceptance, meet the Merrymaker Sisters Canberra Weekly Feature

Born and bred Canberran sisters Emma and Carla Papas, the Merrymaker Sisters, have always had a passion for creating things that bring joy to people’s lives.

When they were young girls, they had their first “business” where they sold friendship bracelets on the street outside their home in Fadden.

When they hit age 10 and 13, they took themselves more seriously and started a jewellery business called By Emma and Carla, and with the help of their parents, they sold their pieces at the trash and treasure markets.

“We didn’t really know back then but looking back we were really into business and creating something,” Carla said.

The sister duo now has a successful online business called The Merrymaker Sisters and have more than 66,000 Instagram followers.

From self-publishing two recipe books, to having their own podcast show, their most recent project is MerryBody where they offer online yoga, Pilates and meditation sessions.

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