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This post is all about Func Fitness Australia. Our new gym… hmm maybe gym isn’t even the right word!

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Shuffle into the gym, get an almost ‘hello’ from the receptionist (real welcoming… not), put your ear phones in, don’t say anything to the sweaty messes next to you, struggle through your unplanned workout… wondering what to go to next (or looking out for a free machine) while you feel like you’re being judged by every Jack + his dog (…who is Jack anyway)?!

This used to be how our gym sessions rolled. We ended up dreading them, finding any excuse not go to the gym (it’s too cold, we’ve already been 3 times this week, maybe we can go tomorrow? I’m really tired today… we need to blog!) frankly… we hated the thought of stepping into the gym! And we hated that we hated it! Exercise had become a chore, no longer fun, just going through the motions.

Enough of that, because we found a solution, a change, that has us looking forward to 5am wakeup calls, kettle bells, squats, deadlifts + more.

Welcome to the merrymaker life: func fitness. We are officially in love. With a gym. Is that possible? Maybe. Actually, func isn’t just a gym, it’s a community of amazing people that we are so grateful to be a part of.

When we first met func we were introduced to Dave, who had us so excited about the place that we had to try it out right away… this was 4 weeks ago + we haven’t looked back.

Func is all about functional fitness. This means completing movements that will assist you during everyday life. Here’s an example… remember that lounge you had to move the other day? Well, at func you do loads of lifting, so next time you move that couch, well, it won’t be so hard!

The BEST thing is now we’re lifting correctly (each session is like a PT session with 1 coach per 5 attendees). Before we were kind of (slash VERY) afraid to touch anything heavier than 10kg in fear of a pulled back muscle or some form of embarrassment. Now, we have the confidence to lift things, throw things, pull + push things + we are learning new techniques every day.

So why so much love? You’re probably thinking this just sounds like any other regular gym. Well, that’s where func is different. The very first day we stepped through the doors, we were greeted with warm ‘hellos’, smiling faces + jokes all around. Func is like this big hearted community that makes you want to squeeze its cheeks (see, we told you it was love).

Have you made  a change in your exercise routine for the better? We’d love to hear your story, just leave us a comment!

Always merrymaking,

e & c

merrymakers love thefunclife

p.s we’ve never done this before but seeing that we have a new found love, this post we dedicate to func! Especially the people. A big shout out to our trainers Jesse, Dave, AJ, Luke + CJ (plus there’s a few more yet to train us… but we’re sure they’re amazing too!)… we never thought we’d be so excited to set our alarms for 5am. Loving #thefunclife

p.p.s this is NOT a sponsored post, our thoughts about func are just true love.

p.p.p.s another great thing is that everyone high 5’s at func… so now we high 5… ALL the time! High fiving is fun!

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