9 Tips to Get Healthy and Save Money!

Wow, our world has changed a lot since we left the jobs we hated and the daily 9-5 grind. The major change is that we wake up happy everyday because we’re doing something we love. That’s actually amazing to write! The obvious other change is that we need to be a little more thoughtful with money and business savvy!

Yes, we’re all about affirmations, positive thinking and the law of attraction but… we know we’ve also got to take action and hustle, hustle, HUSTLE! (Mum and Dad, you’ll be happy to read this!). So of course, in true merrymaker style we see a huge positive opportunity here. Not only to become more money wise but to get healthy and save money all at the same time! #winning

It’s amazing how many small changes you can make to save money that actually benefit you’re health. These things aren’t brain science but they’re super easy to forget! Here goes… our 9 tips to get healthy and save money! get-healthy-save-money

  1. Ride your bike! It’s a win win situation because we drive less, get healthy and save money all at the same time! 
  2. Look at your car insurance cover. Now that we ride more and drive less, it seems stupid to pay a heap of money for car insurance when we’re not using the car as much. We’ve done some homework and found Youi Car & Home Insurance has great deals specifically designed for each individual. It’s a great way to ensure you stick to the pedal power too! 
  3. Don’t eat the leftovers! When we cook, we put all leftover portions into containers straight away and into the fridge/freezer. This means no more overeating… and food for tomorrow!
  4. Buy cheap cuts of meat and slow cook nutritious meals. We’re buying cheaper cuts of meats and slow cooking (and freezing!). Check out this beef cheek recipe! It’s all kinds of drool-worthy!  
  5. Bring your own ‘doggy-bag’. Whenever we eat out we bring a container for any left overs (thanks to Sarah Wilson for this hack). Again, no more over-eating, less food wastage and saving the moolah!
  6. Grow your own veggies and herbs! This also helps with our goal of eating 99% organic by the end of 2014. Keep an eye out for more stories about our merrymaker veggie patch soon!
  7. Discover minimal living! We stumbled upon the minimal living movement almost 2 years ago and it just clicked! It solved our shopping addiction and saves us SO. Much. Money! We also believe that the less stuff we own the more time there is for life, family and passion!
  8. Introduce a spend-free-day every week. When we first read about this we totally dismissed it but now it’s a fun challenge and works wonders for minimal living! It’s a great concept for anyone with a competitive streak! It’s also a good reminder to spend more time outside in the sunshine for the perfect dose of Vitamin D (sunshine is FREEEE!).
  9. Say good bye to alcohol or drink less! We don’t drink a lot of alcohol but we know that (like anything), when it becomes a daily habit the cost adds up! Make a decision to enjoy a glass of wine every other day, instead of everyday, or once a week, or just on special occasions. Amazing for your health and your pocket!

We really could go on and on! We’d love to hear your healthy saving money tips and tricks, just leave a comment!  Always merrymaking, Emma + Carla merrymaker link love   We want to thank Youi Car & Home insurance for sponsoring this post. We only agree to create sponsored posts with aligned businesses and services that we believe in. You can read more about our policy here! 

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