Paleo Lifestyle Tips: Why Should I Eat Organic Vegetables and Fruit?

Why Should I Eat Organic Vegetables and Fruit? Good question! We understand that yes, organic produce can be more expensive and it’s not as convenient than your supermarket bought stuff but take a read at the things we consider when purchasing our fresh produce.

We’ll admit that we don’t eat 100% organic vegetables and fruit… yet. We have a goal to be consuming 99% organic produce by the end of 2014. Having this goal keeps us accountable. So be sure to check in with us!

To help you make your own decision, these are the reasons we’re making the choice to eat organic fruit and vegetables: 

  • We want our vegetables and fruit to be free of pesticides and other chemicals. We go to all this trouble to rid our systems of toxic chemicals added to processed foods… why should we then consume pesticides on our produce? We read that one kind of pesticide called organophosphates was originally developed as a toxic nerve agent during World War 1… eek! That ain’t cool!
  • Genetically Modified Foods. We eat natural, therefore it makes sense to eat food that’s grown at its natural pace. No giant produce and no produce grown at the speed of light. If you’re really interested in GMOs, you should check out Food Matters TV documentaries. 
  • Pesticides and GMO foods haven’t been around all that long so we question the side effects and what it can do our health. Again, this relates to the whole: we’re not eating chemicals anywhere else thing.
  • The pesticides used in farms can reach our drinking water supply (this is why we try to always filter our water).
  • Modern farms that use herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilisers cause huge environmental damage. Organic farming is environmentally sustainable (it’s going to help our world and the animals that live in it be alive longer).
  • We like buying local and getting to know the farmer. We can ask questions about the produce and we know that we’re supporting real families.
  • We’re going to put it out there: organic food tastes better. People may say this is bull-twang but we disagree. The love that’s put in to growing the produce shines through in the taste.
  • Buying organic food is an experience. We’ve found that when we hit the markets, chat to the farmers, buy the produce and come up with an amazing menu the whole experience is a happy one that we are very grateful for. 
  • Some scientists say that the levels of nutrition in organic produce is higher… others say this is false (how confusing!) we’re going to go with the scientists that say the levels of nutrition is higher because that means we’re getting more bang for our buck!
  • We went to a raw food talk and one of the experts said the energy of organic food is 100 times more amazing than chemical coated produce. We like this too.

Ok. These were the factors that helped us make our decision to buy organic but we totally understand that it can be more expensive. The good news is that there’s some fruit and veggies that are safer to eat than others (when not buying organic) and we’ve put together this totally cute infographic to make it easy for you! Our merrymaker clean 15 and dirty dozen list. When you can’t buy organic, steer clear of the dirty dozen and go for the clean 15!

the clean 15 and dirty dozen


Always merrymaking,

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