How many years have you spent hating your body?


In 2012 we both lost about 10 kg each. We were the fittest and thinnest we’d ever been in our adult lives. We lost the weight because we ate less than 1200 calories per day and spent at least 2 hours at the gym 6 days per week. 

Were we happy?

Did we love our bodies?


You see, we’d done all this work to lose weight (in an extreme and unhealthy but quite common way, we DO NOT recommend this) but we did absolutely no work on our mindsets. 

No matter how much weight we lost, we’d still never ever be thin enough, pretty enough, fit enough… we simply were never ever going to be enough.

We both lost 10 kg and turned into skinny, moody, low vibed versions of ourselves. 

After we’d lost all the weight we both realised this was not the answer.

This lifestyle was not sustainable in any way possible. We both lost our periods, we were constantly tired and moody. 

Fast forward several years, we put all the weight and more back on.

We got our periods back (YAY). We’ve written about this many times here and here

Started to work on our mindsets.

Found the magic of Yoga and Pilates.

Began to re-pattern our thoughts about ourselves, we turned our self-hate into self-respect and even self-love.

It took time but NEWSFLASH… time will always pass. 

NOW, we are happier and more content.

We no longer feel that empty, lacking feeling.

We’re excited about life, we stress less about our reaching goals faster because we realise NOW is more important.

We lost weight in a more calm, balanced and enjoyable way!

We still have our periods! 

We learnt to love ourselves NOW, not when we lose XXkg, or achieve XXXXX.

If you’re completely sick of letting your body hate and mindset control you… consume you… suck all the magic from you NOW is the time to make a change! 


Yes, capitals are required. It’s time to stop hating your body. You are amazing just as you are… right NOW!  

The below 5 points are exactly what we focused on to turn our self-hate to self-love.

It didn’t happen overnight, it’s an ongoing practice (we have about 30 years of body-hate between us to work through!).

Sometimes we fall back… but as time goes on it’s less often and we have the tools to come back faster. 

5 ways to stop hating your body.

  1. It always starts with awareness. Be honest with yourself, how will your thoughts and actions impact you in 1 year/2 years/10 years? If you changed nothing NOW, what would happen?
  2. Accept you and your body. NOW. 
  3. Be grateful for your body. You and your body are SO MUCH MORE than what it looks like!
  4. Forgive yourself for showing all that hate towards yourself. 
  5. Be more present. Focus on NOW. It’s all we ever have, don’t miss out on life itself! 

We continually talk about these topics on the podcast, they are the themes of our MerryMind meditation series, they come up during our MerryBody Yoga and Pilates programs and these 5 topics will all be addressed during MerryEats.

We are beyond excited to share everything we’ve learnt with you. 

Combining the power of good food (that actually tastes good) and small mindset changes, you’ll finally feel free.

Free from the constant negative opinion and judgement of yourself.

Free from the all-consuming thoughts around food, calories or hours you exercised.

Free from the guilt you feel when you ‘stuff up’ your diet or exercise schedule.

Free from the body hate.

MerryEats is our annual healthy food and positive mindset program. Designed to completely transform you from the inside out. We start 12 November!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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