Healthy chocolate Easter recipes!


When you think of Easter what do you think of? Chocolate… duh! But we vote, make your Easter a little healthier with these epic delish healthy chocolate Easter recipes!

Coz nobody got time for sugar and crap this Easter when the healthy stuff is just as delish and probably more fun and yum! Boom. 

All these recipes are on our Get Merry recipe app as a special chocolate bundle. The best kinda bundle we reckon. 

If you already have our Get Merry app downloaded to your iPhone or iPad, check out the bundle section and unlock it for just .99c US and $1.49 Aussie! YAY! Then choose a day to cook up all your healthy chocolate Easter recipes!

Get merry app

If you can’t find the bundle section make sure you have the newest app version on your phone. Update! Update! Update!

If you haven’t got the app yet NOW is the time! Download it here!

Not only do you have the option to download the special healthy chocolate Easter recipe bundle BUT you’ll have access to all our best recipes from the blog. Recipes like our easy choc salted caramel slice, gaytime cake, paleo snickers cake, satay chicken, zoodles, smoothies galore… ok you get the picture, there’s over 200 healthy recipes on there! 

Plus you can make shopping lists and create a favourites list so you have your go-to Merrymaker recipes at your fingertips. Yes, boom. 

Ok, let’s talk chocolate. These delish recipes are part of the bundle and we can confirm they’re all totally drool worthy good and they’re all refined sugar-free, gluten free, grain free and dairy free. 

6 Healthy chocolate Easter recipes!

Rocky Road

Talk about easy and delicious. This rocky road is all kinds of yum. And it looks so good too. Perfect for any chocolate lover!


Choc Salted Caramel Cake

We’ve made the slice, the low fructose version, the smoothie and the raw cake so about time we make the healthy baked choc salted caramel cake!

This cake is everything! The chocolate, the salted caramel! Talk about chocolatey caramelly heaven. choc-salted-caramel-feature

Choc Raspberry Tart

We kinda feel like we say this after every new sweet treat, but this might be the all time fave!  Chocolate and raspberries together = pure magic. They look good and they taste even better. 

choc-raspberry-tart-feature Easy-as Chocolate Fudge

Talk about easy recipe! Takes 5 minutes to make and 1 hour to set! Seriously chocolatey and will please everyone! Super easy to make keto as well. Boom. choc-salted-caramel-feature

Double Choc Hotcakes

Hands up who loves hotcakes? *all hands up* Enjoy them for brekky… but you can also enjoy them for lunch, dinner or dessert! It doesn’t matter… they’re full of good stuff and so we vote any time is a good time for double choc hotcakes!


Healthy Peanut Clusters

Ok, stop the darn press! Who else LOVED peanut clusters when they were kids? Yah… we LOVE LOVE LOVED them! Actually… we remember filling up our candy buckets at Kmart with them and eating the clusters while still filling up the bucket… think that’s a form of stealing but we honestly didn’t think we were being naughty! Ha! 

Enjoy your chocolate coma… hehe kidding! Eat responsibly and make sure you share your Merry Easter cook ups with us on social media! Use #GetMerry on your photos so we don’t miss a pic!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

P.s if you haven’t downloaded our app yet you can get it right now over HERE!

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