Healthy fried chicken | It’s freaking yum as!


We saw this picture pop up on our Instagram feed sharing all the secret herbs and spices of Kentucky Fried Chicken and was like O M G we need to recreate this. And here it is, healthy fried chicken, and it’s kind of like KFC.

It’s only kind of like KFC because we’re not 100% sure if the secret herbs and spices on the Instagram post were actually true PLUS 11 herbs and spices is way too many. HAHA. Yes, we are lazy cooks. 

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What’s to love about this recipe? Ummmm, it’s fried chicken. When was the last time you ate fried chicken? Well… we haven’t in about a bazillion days, coz usually it’s deep fried in shitty oil and also coated in flour. Definitely not so good for you! This is shallow fried in coconut oil, and because coconut oil has a high smoking point it does not cause free radicals in the body.

It’s actually easy to make. Yes there is some egg dipping action and the frying part is kind of messy but it’s totally easy peasy as. 

The delish factor is outta control! It’s crunchy crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside. Plus the herbs and spice mix is magical. 

We’re sure this recipe is 100% kid approved too. Add it to the list! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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