How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn (and other stuff to stop googling)


Before we found the practice of self acceptance we too used to google things like how many calories does Yoga burn? Does Yoga burn calories? Wait, what about Power Yoga? Hatha Yoga? Vinyasa Yoga? Bikram Yoga (is this the type of hot yoga, in a heated room?) Tell us… which Yoga class and style of Yoga is best for weight loss?

If you looked at our google history, it would be an endless search for ways to lose weight, and how to lose weight fast.

You see, we were influenced entirely by diet culture. We believed that health = how thin we were. 

We believed that skinny = more beautiful.

But these statements could not be further from the truth!

Perhaps you too have googled similar questions. We hope that perhaps the introduction to this post has caused you to question why? 

When we first were made aware of “diet culture” we certainly had many questions.

Why are we so obsessed with calories in vs. calories out? 

Why does it matter so very much to us the amount of calories that are burned during physical activities?

Why is 330 calories a better result than feeling stronger, or feeling more energised and uplifted?

Where did we even learn that exercise has to feel like punishment or be at least 90 minutes long for it to be ‘worth it’?


We began to question all these ‘truths’.

We began to realise that many of our ‘truths’ were BS. 

These ideas we used to have around exercise, weight and beauty ideals were all warped.

They were all formed from diet culture.

So if you too have googled such questions, we understand why. 

We are all forever being thwarted with messages of our ‘not enoughness’. 

But here is the moment where we can decide that we don’t need to listen.

That we can choose to question these ideals, these should be’s, and start to instead, practise self acceptance and actually CELEBRATE our bodies, just as they are. 

Here is the moment where we can all realise that exercise isn’t just for weight loss.

In fact, all the Yoga poses and deep breathing you may do in a Yoga session do much more for us than burn numbers of calories. 

Your Yoga practice in fact can provide so many health benefits (and no! You don’t have to do an hour of Yoga every day to experience these!).


We are not just talking strength, flexibility and the calmness you feel after you’ve practiced Yoga… Yoga can:

  1. Improve flexibility
  2. Create strength
  3. Decrease cortisol (the stress hormone)
  4. Encourage deeper sleep
  5. Bring clarity to the mind
  6. Improve focus and memory
  7. Boost oxytocin (the love and compassion hormone!)
  8. Improve balance
  9. Increase bone density
  10. Lower blood pressure

Yeah, Yoga burns calories and will get your heart rate up (just like most forms of exercise… just like any day to day activity! As a human you’re always burning calories). But just look at those 10 amazing benefits! 

Yoga is a presence practice, it’s a form of self care that is so easily accessible from wherever you are, whenever you want. It’s a way to practise self acceptance and this is our mission with our MerryBody Yoga Classes. 

We filter through the message of self acceptance through our classes. It’s a way to solidify self acceptance and let go of diet culture. 

You can try a free class here. We have a feeling that you’ll really enjoy this form of Yoga

As a Yoga Instructor (Carla here) my goal is to provide Yoga classes that help you feel amazing in mind, body and soul. It’s not about handstands and crazy acrobatic poses. It’s about looking after you and your amazing body. 

What we hope is that for just a moment, this post has become a blip in your usual google search results.

That this post has inspired you to question everything you’ve been told or believed about your body.That is unless you’ve been told you’re freaking amazing and beautiful just the way you are, because that is true and absolutely believe that one.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Ps. the most special aspect of MerryBody is the community. Our private group truly is a special place on the internet! This was a comment from the App Store. Reading this really drives our work, we are grateful!

“I love this app, and because of the app – I am starting to love myself. Every day I hear the girls say “you are amazing, right here and right now”. It is the perfect reminder to accept where I am at and love myself.

Having a spinal condition and wanting to improve posture and spinal mobility – I came for the yoga initially. The yoga classes with Carla are amazing, the fusion classes are such a nice balance of both, and after getting used to Emma’s “10 more” I have learned to love Pilates. 

There is so much I love about the app. It’s super easy to use and navigate. There’s a huge variety of classes and a weekly plan or challenges/programs which makes the choice simple. 

The classes vary in length as well which is so helpful when you have a busy life – I can still get on the mat when I only have 15 minutes to spare. The girls are wonderful instructors – making me smile and explaining/demonstrating every move so clearly, with modifications if needed….and there are meditations as well. 

What more could you want?

Do yourself a favour – start loving yourself, get moving and download this app!” – GratitudeWarrior

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