163: how to be less stressed (about everything)


This #GetMerry podcast is brought to you by Bean Ninjas. They specialise in bookkeeping for online businesses of all types. Check them out, we love them! They make our accounting and book keeping so much easier, with way less stress! Which brings us to the topic of this podcast episode… STRESS!

Everyone is so stressed these days. We want to get everything done quicker, we want to fit more in, we get busier and busier. But is busy, better? We vote NO!

Let’s all get less stressed! But the real question is… how to be less stressed?

Stuff we talked about…

  • how stress is a leading cause of so many diseases.
  • what is stress? What does it feel like?
  • some of the general things that cause stress.
  • small things we can do to be less stressed! How to be less stressed!

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Emma + Carla

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