How to be More Grateful.

We are so grateful for all our merrymaker friends (that would be you). The people who read our posts, cook our recipes, leave us comments, send us emails and talk to us when they recognise us! We love you and want to say thank you. Only in the last couple months have we started to verbalise and express our gratitude and woah have we noticed the repercussions. We’ve realised that small simple positive changes in the way you think can change your life in a big way. So we thought we should write about How to be More Grateful, since we have made some major recent changes.

We recently met Dee from think out loud at a league of extraordinary women brekky. She spoke about her gratitude journal and pointed out how this simple act (which brings amazingness to our lives) costs absolutely nothing. Yes it’s an obvious realisation BUT it’s an awesome one!

Being grateful and optimistic does not come naturally to us all. Sometimes we have to make a little extra effort to change our outlooks + perspectives to be more positive and grateful.

These are the kinds of things we do each + every day to help us see the good things, you might find them useful too!

  • Find a time of the day and think of at least 3 things you’re grateful for. Wait, don’t just think about them… write them down, tell a friend (we tell each other), tell the universe… update your facebook status with them!
  • Don’t get caught up on what you are grateful for. Some days we’re grateful for deep and meaningful stuff like meeting inspirational people, having such a loving and amazing family or new opportunities, other days we’re grateful for delicious things like our new paleo berry chocolate smoothie (with dollops of nut butter), sunshine or rainbows!
  • Look at negatives in a different light. You know that saying? Find something positive out of every negative. Yep… life is bumpy and sometimes it seems all too hard but even finding just the smallest positive out of a negative will help bring you back up. We find that exercising and spending time with loved ones really helps.

Recently we stumbled across the blog, Becoming Minimalist while reading the beautiful Slow Your Home. Reading the posts has caused us to question and look at life from many different angles. We highly recommend to anyone and everyone. You are guaranteed to get something positive from each and every post just like the below…

Scientific studies over and over again confirm what we all know to be true: grateful people are happier people. Grateful people routinely report increased well-being, better health, healthier lifestyles, increased optimism and a more positive outlook on life.“

Always merrymaking,

e + c

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