How to get out of your healthy cooking rut!


Anyone else have the same 5 go-to recipes on your weekly rotation? Then you leave a few nights for going out or takeaway?


We hear ya! It’s time to get out of your healthy cooking rut!

We’re so excited about the MerryEats 2 Week Program. It’s the perfect way to get out of your cooking rut and bring back joy and excitement back to the kitchen! Because food is an everyday thing… so if you are stressed, bored with your cooking and meal times you are only welcoming boredom and stress into your life. 

And yes MerryEats will guarantee to get you out of your healthy cooking rut when you join. Along with so much MORE.

But today all we want to talk about is the food! Checkout out the full meal plan recipe list below and go to drool-town over the pics.

All recipes are gluten free, grain free, refined sugar free and dairy free. They will make you feel good from the inside out. We can’t wait to begin on the 12 November! Don’t wait until New Years to start your health goals, start NOW! 

“With help from the Merries I’ve shed 20kg slowly over the last 18 months as well as crashing down the negative self-belief systems I created over the years” Rachel, past participant

Ok, onto the 2-week meal plan recipes! 


Choc PB Smoothie
Another Merrymaker salad


Fruit and veggie brekky loaf (SO YUM)
Ginger and pork meatballs


Apple cinnamon granola with milk
Buttery bacon spoodles with salmon


Fruit and veggie brekky loaf with PB and raspberries
Mango chicken


Apple cinnamon granola with yoghurt
Vegetarian fried cauli rice

Healthy hotcakes
Beef burgers in lettuce cups


Nourish brekky bowl
Sweet potato based pizza

Week 1 treat

Mango tart (ohhhhh this is a winning recipe!)


Zucchini, sweet potato and dill muffins
Thai beef stir fry


Berries and cream smoothie
Salmon, sweet potato and broccoli cakes


Zucchini, sweet potato and dill muffins with smashed avo
One tray satay chicken


Easy choc chia pudding
Morrocan spiced beef lettuce wraps


White chocolate smoothie
Greek salad with lemon chicken


Sweet cinnamon omelette with berries
Loaded fries


Veggie hash
Prawn lettuce tacos

Week 2 treat

Raspberry ripe (the best sweet treat EVER!)

We can not wait to start on Monday 12 November BUT if you join before 9 November, 3:00 pm (AEST, Brisbane time) you’ll get instant access to the $99 early bird bonus (ohhh yehhhhh!).

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 
P.s if you have any questions let us know!

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