Get the Super-Charged Look for your Wellbeing!

It’s already getting cold in Canberra and we’re reaching for the comfort foods, the other night we made delicious primal pizza and soup is definitely on the menu this week! We’ll have you covered for warm, hearty winter recipes but what about our fitness regime?! How do we plan to super-charge our fitness this winter and keep on top of our wellbeing? Glad you asked! This winter there will be no such excuse like “it’s too cold” or “it’s raining” or “I’ll do it later.” Nope! Excuses… Ex-smooshes!

This winter we plan to keep up our current fitness combination of CrossFit, running, walking and yoga! Plus trialling new classes when ever we can (thank you Fitness First for making this possible!). This week is Australia Fitness Week so what better time to make the pledge to stay active this cool season?! Write it down, put it in your diary, plaster it on your fridge, create reminders in your phone!

What ever works for you, put it in place now before the REAL cold season hits and the excuses we spoke about earlier come slipping out of your mouth… we’ve all been there (we’ve been there more than a dozen times) and although you can get back on the wagon, it’s just easier to stay ON the wagon no matter how slow you’re going! You’re still going!

To celebrate Australian Fitness Week, Fitness First is offering EVERYONE a free 7 day pass to any of their gyms, hop on to that deal! Because free stuff = awesome!

Another way we’re going to super-charge our fitness and wellbeing is with a little harmless bribery! That’s right! We’re going to bribe ourselves to keep active with pretty, new activewear! We figure that we spend most of our time wearing activewear so we deserve a little treat every now and then! We’ll admit that we’re not the most up-to-date fashionistas (this may be an understatement) but we flicked through magazines and trawled our favourite Instagram accounts and came up with these two winning Super-Charged looks that are going to be PERFECT for winter! Leopard print is totally back in (did it ever go out?) and we’re definitely LOVING the black runner trend.


1. The Libby Hoodie from Vie Active… seriously, isn’t this just the sweetest jacket ever?! Carla has one and plans to wear it (to the gym and out and about!) Made from unique Merino-blend fabric with moisture wicking performance, this signature leopard print hoodie will keep you comfortable all day long.

2. Stripe It Leggings from Fire and Shine… statement leggings or what?! We’re LOVING the colour and the high waist band (perfect for all kinds of fitness).

3. High Roller 574 from New Balance… black runners seem to be popping up all over the place! Emma has a pair of these and wears them casually with activewear as well as khaki cargos! Get that retro look with the added surprise of leopard print on the inside!

4. Tonic Vibe Bralette from Stylerunner… because you always need a black, comfy, supportive crop! Who else prefers gym crops to regular bras (say ‘I’! “I!”). Features a scoop neckline, chic side cute outs on the sides, cross back straps for flexibility, removable padding and a special lining to keep you cool, dry and comfortable throughout your workout.

5. Beyond Yoga Infinity Tank from Stylerunner… we HATE tight singlets and much prefer tanks like the Infinity. Soft, flowing with a razorback!

6. Lunar Eclipse jacket from Fire and Shine… the perfect jacket that can go from gym to street to dinner. Dress it up and dress it down, it’ll keep you warm for winter (burrr!).

7. Rockell black leopard compression tights from Vie Active… because leopard print is IN! IN! IN! this season! With a second-skin fit and the highest quality compression fabric, you’ll be strutting the perkiest butt possible (YAY!). Made from unique F3 sweat-wicking compression fabric, to keep you cool dry and comfortable no matter how intense your workout. 

8. Black Phoenix Hight Tops from Carter Cole… these ‘street savvy’ high-tops: flashy but subtle. These kicks are perfect for day-wear and gym! Plus they’re uni-sex!

Do you LOVE our super-charged looks? We do! What’s on your MUST HAVE list this winter? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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