Hu Kitchen Review and Why It’s the Best Place to Eat Paleo in New York!

Hu Kitchen is the best place to eat paleo in New York City! Well, actually stuff that, in our opinion it’s the best place to eat in New York regardless of lifestyle! If you’ve been following our #merrymakersdoNYC tour you would have noticed we’ve been visiting Hu Kitchen a lot… so a Hu Kitchen review was guaranteed!

Here we go: Hu Kitchen Review and why it’s the best freaking place to eat paleo in New York!

The instant we walked into Hu Kitchen we knew it was love. There are 3 stations: the mash bowl and smoothies/coffee, the hot section and the cold section. We’d recommend just asking a staff remember (who are all so nice) for advice on where to go first.

We’ll begin this Hu Kitchen review with the Hu Pillars. These explain Hu Kitchen Food. Once you’ve read them you’ll understand why we just love them and we agree with them 100%.

We started with the question, “how should humans eat?” The more we studied and experimented, the more we came to understand that we are primitive bodies living in modern times, that getting back to a pre-industrial way of eating was the best thing we could do for our health. But we knew we wouldn’t be satisfied until we figured out how to make our food not just nutritionally superior but also genuinely delicious. From the Hu Kitchen Website.

ONE. UNPROCESS. Before industry, food was minimally processed and nourishing.

TWO. COUNT INGREDIENTS, NOT CALORIES. The quality of your calories is far more important than the quantity. Don’t count calories; make ingredients count.

THREE. PULL PLANTS, PUSH ANIMALS. Flip the conventional wisdom. Pull vegetables and fruits to the centre of the plate; push animal protein to the edges.

FOUR. MINIMISE GRAINS, ALWAYS WHOLE. Grains aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Vegetables are carbs too, and they are almost always a better choice.

FIVE. EMBRACE FAT. It’s not fat that is making us sick – it’s the wrong fat.

SIX. GET BACK TO ANIMAL TOO. If you are going to eat animals, make sure they ate what animals are meant to eat.

SEVEN. SWEETEN WISELY. We think sugar in any form isn’t great for you, but we also love sweets, so our approach is to be smart about how we use sweeteners at Hu. We use we use organic coconut sugar, unfiltered honey, and maple syrup.

EIGHT. EAT CLEAN. Ensure that your food is as free as possible from foreign, toxic chemicals and genetically modified ingredients (GMO).

You can read more about the pillars here

The best bit about Hu Kitchen is that we could eat everything on the menu. They even proudly promote their paleo oils, they only cook with grass fed butter, coconut oil and olive oil. See… amazing. WE LOVE HU! But wait, maybe the best bit is that everything tastes so bloody good! Like drool worthy good. Like party in mouth action good. Ok enough… here are the pictures, you’ll fast understand why Hu Kitchen is the best place to eat paleo in New York (maybe the world).

Our go to brekky was 2 organic eggs, a paleo bread roll, greens medley or sweet potato hash and grass fed (and finished!) beef bacon. Beef bacon is good! We also have to mention that all this cost $8.95 (US). $8.95 which is like, what, $10 in Australia?! Also remember this is all organic and paleo! Holeey sh!tballs. OH and also… this meal kept us full all day and night… like we actually didn’t even need lunch or dinner! 

HU Kitchen Review_Best Place To Eat Paleo In New York4

 These were the mash bowls. It’s like chia pudding topped with fruit and almond butter or cashew cream. The perfect brekky if you’e not too hungry and also a lovely snack or dessert! 

HU Kitchen Review_Best Place To Eat Paleo In New York9

We also tried the brekky wrap #1 with pulled chicken, eggs and vegies #YUM and the primal brekky sandwich!

HU Kitchen Review_Best Place To Eat Paleo In New York6

Ok, you can tell we loved this place… we also went halves on the paleo french toast and eggs benny. You are so drooling right now, yes?

HU Kitchen Review_Best Place To Eat Paleo In New York4

We met the AMAZING Dianne Sanfilippo for dinner from Balanced Bites one night at Hu…

HU Kitchen Review_Best Place To Eat Paleo In New York2

We had 1/4 rotisserie chicken with sweet potato and cauliflower!

HU Kitchen Review_Best Place To Eat Paleo In New York3

We finished off with a slice of their Persian Lime Pie and Chocolate Crack Bar (warning: highly addictive!). 

We also got to meet the man and brains behind Hu Kitchen, Jordan. He’s so lovely. Jordan said we had to try the almond butter chocolate.

It’s Almond Butter Hu Chocolate AKA the best chocolate in the world… AKA the best blog snack in the world! The rule is that anyone who visits Hu Kitchen must buy a block, oh and if you’re Aussie please bring back a block for us (not even kidding).

HU Kitchen Review_Best Place To Eat Paleo In New York

So if you’re planning a trip to New York, Hu Kitchen should be on top of the to do list… yes, before Times Square and The Empire State Building! Trust us, you will be back there more than once.

Now the only advice we have to Jordan and the Hu Kitchen team is to hurry up and open one up in Australia… Canberra to be specific!

Hu Kitchen: officially the best place to eat paleo in New York.

Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

ps. how could we forget… we bet you noticed that organic coconut coffee drink in most of our photos. You should definitely get this. 

#merrymakersdoNYC is brought to you by Raw Blend and Australian Blueberries.  

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