I bought 2 bikinis… and 12 months later I wore a bikini to the beach for the first time


“I did a thing, and I thought I’d share it with you.

Last Summer, I bought a bikini, (actually I bought 2 cause they were super cheap! Lol). The other day (yes, 12 months later) I wore my bikini to the beach for the first time.

Now this might not seem like a big deal, but you see I’ve always been overweight and never even contemplated that I could/would/should wear a bikini. But I decided the other day, I didn’t care. I had a bikini and I put it on.

You know what, it was liberating! And no one batted an eyelid. No one cared that I don’t have a ‘bikini body’. It. Felt. Great!!!!

So from me to you guys, please wear the bikini!! Your body is AMAZING. Just as it is ” – Fiona.

Fiona shared this in the private MerryBody Facebook group. Now THIS is the kind of progress and inner transformation we LOVE to celebrate.


You can imagine when we read these words from MerryBody Member, Fiona, that we felt all the feels. This story from Fiona, is what the MerryBody practice is about. Fiona’s been a MerryBody member since day 1… so that is since 2018! 

MerryBody is about letting go of the untrue thoughts we all so often have about our bodies (thoughts like I’m too fat, I’m so ugly, I could never wear that… what will they all think and say about me?!), these thoughts that stop of us from enjoying life. These thoughts that stop us from every day joy like going to the beach.

Fiona’s post SHINES joy. And it’s through self acceptance Fiona allowed herself to experience this joy.

When we first learnt about acceptance, we found it really hard to practice. We would easily forget about the mindset change we wanted to make and revert back to our old thinking patterns.

It was when we anchored our self acceptance practice to our Yoga and Pilates practice that our mindsets started to shift.

The combination of physical movement with the mindset work of self-belief, body confidence, and self-acceptance… WOW… it was a workout that made us feel good about ourselves.

Previous to this, our workouts used to be forms of punishment and practices of self hatred… can you relate?


Once we realised that this combination of mindset and movement was making huge shifts for us, that’s when we created MerryBody… so we could share the magic.

In a world of toxic diet culture, it’s refreshingly different

MerryBody is a revolutionary way of moving your body that doesn’t remind you of what you lack… it reminds you of the amazingness already within.

MerryBody is your daily reminder, that right here, right now, you are 1000 times enough… just as you are. It’s a workout that makes you quickly realise: “I’m already amazing!”

The only thing that needs to change is the fact that you forgot this.

Thank you to Fiona for sharing your amazing story with us… you’re an inspiration! 

Always merrymaking, 

Emma and Carla

P.s if you’d like to experience the MerryBody magic, we have a Free 7 Day Trial over here. Test it out and feel the MerryBody difference.

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