These 5 Instagram Influencers will Help You Feel More Love and Acceptance Towards Your Body.

Not sure about you, but at times we’d find ourselves following many Instagram Accounts that made us feel absolutely terrible about ourselves. Because if you’re human and scrolling with no awareness (usually the case when one is scrolling) you end up comparing your life to theirs (their Instagram life that is).

And if you’re following a bunch of Instagram Influencer accounts that only post flawless images with triple filters (yes this is a thing apparently urghhh) you’ll more than likely find yourself feeling awful. That you’re not good enough, thin enough, rich enough, pretty enough, sexy enough… enough

Our recommendation is to check in with who you’re following often and make the cut. Even if they are real life friends (you can mute these people if you feel bad unfollowing). Even brands and products you love, if they reshare content that makes you feel mediocre about your own life… this sucks, unfollow!

We like to follow uplifting or truth-telling accounts, we feel it’s important to balance these two out (coz sometimes the truth hurts). Follow your favourite authors. Follow accounts that share historical facts, science stuff… YES make your social media educational! Follow activists who motivate you to make a positive change in your community. Follow artists and musicians who make you feel inspired to tap into your own creativity (unless you are comparing artworks and feeling shite, don’t follow hehe). Follow people who promote Body Acceptance, Love, Positivity, Respect, Kindness… ok you get it!

We have a feeling that following these 5 Instagram Accounts will help you feel empowered, strong, beautiful and a whole heap more love towards yourself. 

We know there are so many amazing accounts out there but these are just some of the accounts that have positively impacted us personally.

Alex Light

Alex Light shares great content on Instagram. You’ll see daily reminders to stop paying attention to Diet Culture and instead focus on accepting and loving the body you have.

Check her IG out here. 

Also, she has a very active Body Confidence Facebook group filled with people on missions to let go of the diet, weight-loss obsession and move through body image stuff. You can join it HERE.


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The Bodzilla

Our friend April over at The Bodzilla. She is dedicated to Body Acceptance, Fat Positivity and fighting Fatphobia and we have learnt a whole lot from her!  You also might have recently spotted her on a billboard here in Australia (gooooo April!). 

Find her on Instagram HERE.


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Steph Gaudreau

Steph Gaudreau may look familiar to you! Once upon a lifetime ago she was the woman behind Stupid Easy Paleo. And just like us she let go of the strict diets for a more joy-filled way of eating and living.

You can find her on Instagram over here. She will help you eat intuitively and ditch the diets! 


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Stephanie Yeboah

Stephanie Yeboah is a body image and self-love advocate, she’s an author and plus-size style blogger and, wow, she really does have amazing style and fashion! Follow her, feel empowered.

Find her over here on Instagram.


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I Weigh

I Weigh is about radical inclusivity founded by the actress and activist Jameela Jamil. It’s extremely educational for people like ourselves, that is… white, CIS (term for people whose gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth) and able-bodied. 

They share amazing people and stories to help broaden our perspectives and open our eyes up. 

Follow I Weigh HERE.


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And of course, we will leave you with us as your bonus Instagram to follow. Find us over HERE @themerrymakersisters. We will inspire you to get your body moving, but we’re not like other fitness accounts. 

The big difference is that it’s movement driven by self-acceptance, self-respect, and above all else joy.

We don’t fixate on a number on the scales. Or obsess over calories. And you’ll NEVER EVER see us posing for before and after photos.


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Ok, go and get unfollowing and following! Then get off social media all together… go for a lovely walk outside, listen and dance to music, create something, meditate, do Yoga and Pilates (checkout our classes HERE and get 7 days free access!)

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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