Institute of Integrative Nutrition Sydney Conference.

You may have heard us talk about our huge, big exciting adventure to begin our studies with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Although we’re only about a quarter of the way through, we’re pretty sure starting might be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We can thank Sarah Wilson and her I Quit Sugar amazingness for promoting us to sign up. We saw her riding her bike in Canberra one day then she posted about it on Facebook… totally a sign for us to start! We’re weird like that.

The course is all run online, which is great for us as it can work around our daily routine and fit in where ever possible. But perhaps the best thing about the course is its focus on bio-individuality. And it seems without us even knowing, that we’ve been talking about this since the beginning of our merrymaker world.

Our message has and always will be: do what works for you and what makes you feel good. Bio-individuality is just that. Finding the food, the exercise, the spirituality, the career and the relationships that make you think ‘life is good’ no, wait, that make you think ‘LIFE IS REALLY REALLY GOOD!’.

Last weekend we went up to Sydney to attend a conference for graduates and current students of IIN. We never pass up an excuse to travel to the big smoke. But WOWEE we didn’t realise just how inspiring the IIN conference would be! Joshua Rosethenal the founder and Primary Teacher at IIN hosted the conference. We officially love him and all he is doing… he is changing the world (not kidding!). Every word he speaks just makes sense and resonates with us. He is making a massive dent to this world… in an extreme and positive way.

We were surrounded by over 800 like minded people. Passionate about living healthy and promoting it. There was a crazy energy in the room, like everyone had fire in their tummies and the drive to make a difference.

Carla was even lucky enough to spend a few minutes with Joshua, chatting all things merrymaking. She then got to share our story with the other 800 people in the room, with a microphone, on a stage (Carla said she was nervous but this definitely didn’t show! Insert: IS THIS REAL moment?!). It was probably one of the most amazing things to happen to us all weekend! And now, we have connected with so many new friends, friends that share the same passion for promoting health and happiness! Ahhhhmazing! Thank you Institute of Integrative Nutrition Sydney Conference!


If anyone is thinking about starting IIN we 100% recommend it, without a doubt. You’ll not only learn and develop personally but you’ll also find opportunities to take your life on a different career path of Health Coaching.

After the conference we were officially on a massive natural high. We celebrated with cacao (lots of it).

So, what else did we do in Sydney AKA what did we eat…?

Sydney has THE BEST healthy food places and we had a list a mile long that we wanted to try out. The highlight (we’re talking food here) of the weekend had to be breakfast at Henley’s Wholefoods – the pancakes were out of this world good, topped with caramelised banana, maple syrup, granola AND coconut yoghurt… drool.


Another highlight was our Bondi to Bronte (and back to Bondi) walk followed by a visit to the Bondi Farmers Markets. We’d love to do that every Saturday! We wanted to buy all the fresh and delicious produce but with no kitchen or home in Sydney that was a no-go (oh well… all the more room for delish cafes to try hehe). We were so inspired by everyone getting out and about running, walking, riding! The whole place just buzzes with health and fitness!

The merrymaker sisters

We also made a visit to Pressed Juices (a couple times!). We were in almond mylk heaven and tried the espresso and cacao oh and vanilla! Seriously just yum!

We found Moo Gourmet Burgers last time we were up in Sydney and we just had to go back. Best. Sweet. Potato. Chips. Ever!  

Paleo Cafe of course was on our to do list. Paleo breakfast with the bread… yes please! How awesome is it when you know that everything in your meal is just good stuff?! Right down to the oil they cook with! Bring on more Paleo Cafes… one in Canberra please and thanks!

We went shopping and of course we bought activewear! We love to support local Aussie companies… we made purchases from Vie Active. Yes we got the leopard print #roar jacket and running shorts (no we will not be wearing them at the same time… maybe hehe).

We met the amazing owner and creator behind Soma Bites! Her story is just inspiring! We recommend you check out their social media accounts, lots of inspiration! Here’s the link to the Facebook page. 

We’re already planning another trip to Sydney and have decided we are definitely going to New York super soon so we can visit the actual real life IIN school! EEEEK! It’s out in the universe now… this means it’s going to happen! Watch this space!

Lastly we wanted to say a huge thank you to IIN, Joshua and all the amazing people we met. The conference was like a big billboard sign saying ‘merrymakers keep on doing what you’re doing’! SO THANK YOU, we are forever grateful.

Always merrymaking,

e + c

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