The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and why we love it!

We study the Health Coach Training Program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and we love it! We’ve had a few questions and emails asking for advice and more information on the course so we thought we’d simply write a blog post about it! We pulled some of the important details directly from the IIN website.

The Health Coach Training Program is a year-long online course specially designed for people who are passionate about health and wellness (yes, YOU! and US!). At the end you can call yourself a Health Coach. Now here you might be thinking What’s A Health Coach?  We see a Health Coach as someone who has a vested interest in another persons health… we want to help other people get healthy. At IIN we learn about a thing called Bio-individuality. Bio-Indivduality is all about finding your healthy, which aligns kind of perfectly with our advice mantra of do what works for you, and what makes you feel good!

An IIN Health Coach also acknowledges that ‘health’ isn’t just to do with what we all eat. We recognise that things like relationships, work, exercise, and spirituality all play a huge part of what makes us healthy. Makes sense right?! So an IIN Health Coach is sort of like a life coach, with a huge emphasis on nutrition and food!

Over the year, the course covers over 150 dietary theories (yes 150!) and combines counseling techniques with business and marketing training.

Here’s just a few things we are getting out of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition course and why we love it.

  • We are learning about 150 different dietary theories. Not only absolutely 100% interesting but it’s good for us as ‘Paleo Promoters’ to have an understanding of other diets that work for other people… including the benefits. As we said, every one is different and we respect that, and now, we can understand it too!
  • ‘We’ are our first clients, the more we learn about being a health coach we are in fact coaching ourselves. We have never felt better! Eating paleo was the first step and now IIN has opened our eyes to the other aspects of health like the importance of career, relationships, spirituality and finances.
  • It’s not just about food. As we said before IIN has a huge focus on all life aspects and this was a HUGE reason why we started studying with IIN. We’ve learnt techniques to get us through stressful situations, yoga and meditation.
  • Supportive network. IIN is filled with other like minded students, the loveliest people ever who think positively, are genuinely nice, want to help and empower people. We were lucky enough to attend the Sydney conference, an AMAZING experience, read about it here.
  • They teach you the business side of things. It’s all well and good to know about theories and techniques but how can you turn it in to an actual business? IIN has a huge focus on getting their students ready for the real world, the last quarter of the course will be purely focussed on marketing and business strategy.

The details.

  • It costs about $5000 but it’s in American dollars (we didn’t realise this!). The AMAZING thing about IIN is that we can offer you $1000-1500 off your tuition! All you have to do is mention our name when you decide to enrol!
  • It takes one year to complete the course. You will need to spend 2-6 hours per week to get the most out of the course content.
  • It’s delivered through 40 weekly modules in total. Each module is pre-recorded audio and video lectures on the IIN app, there’s downloadable handouts, online discussions and 4 tests.
  • Every student is assigned a health coaching circle with an IIN-employed Health Coach.  It’s a group call and you must participate in 6 to graduate. They are like little study support groups!
  • There are 4 online tests, these are multiple choice and open book. Plus you get 2 attempts to pass each test, but no doubt everyone passes as the reason everyone studies at IIN is because we all love learning about holistic health!
  • You have to do 6 health histories (don’t worry you learn all about these!).
  • It’s an American based course however the Founder just announced that they’re creating Australian content because of the huge interest from us Aussies!

Heaps of amazing people have studied at IIN like Pete Evans and Sarah Wilson (one of the reasons we heard about IIN). We are excited to be a part of IIN and be IIN Ambassadors. We highly recommend the course if you already have an interest in health, want to become a health coach (online or personal!) or want to embark on your healthy journey.

If you’re thinking about joining and also love our recipes and site let the IIN team know we referred you!

IIN is super grateful of our referral and kindly gives us a referral fee, this money goes straight into this site and allows us to keep on merrymaking and creating goodness for you! Not only that but you’ll also provide you with our entire MerryBiz Hustle program to help you grow your business. 

If you have any further questions about the course just let us know!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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