International Yoga Day 2022 | Celebrate International Yoga Day With Us!


International Yoga Day 2022 is celebrated on 21 June. A day to celebrate the goodness that Yoga can bring to the individual practitioner, communities and the world. 

The theme for International Yoga Day 2022 is ‘Yoga for humanity’. Of course as a whole, the world has been through (and continues to go through) much adversity, so it’s a theme that aims to remind us all of the power of Yoga.

This is from the United Nations: “Yoga can be an important instrument in the collective quest of humanity for promoting sustainable lifestyle in harmony with planet Earth. In keeping with this spirit, the theme for this year’s Yoga Day celebrations is Yoga for Humanity.”

The word Yoga means to unite, and really, that is what is required for humanity right now. All of us to come together and help another when we can, as well as encouraging the individual practitioner to work toward union of body, mind, soul and heart. Union and alignment of mind and body, thought and action.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: “Yoga brings peace to our universe.” The Indian Prime Minister has shared these sentiments with the world many times, even within his speech at the UN general assembly. This year (2022) thousands of people joined Prime Minister Modi for a day of Yoga demonstrations going on to say “Yoga brings peace for us. The peace from yoga is not merely for individuals. Yoga brings peace to our society. Yoga brings peace to our nations and the world.”

This international day of celebration has been placed on the same day as the Summer Solstice for the Northern parts of the world and the Winter Solstice for the Southern parts of the world. That’s the longest day of the year (Summer) and the shortest day of the year (Winter), a perfect day to celebrate this wonderful practice that brings so much to the world.

When you think of Yoga, you probably think of the Yoga poses and Yoga postures but really Yoga is so much more than that. Yoga is kindness, Yoga is compassion, Yoga is honesty. Read more about the ethics and disciplines of Yoga here

But we know why you’re here! Because you want to try some Yoga and celebrate the practice with us… and so let’s do just that!

Celebrate International Yoga Day 2022

This year, we’re celebrating by sharing one of our favourite 20 minute Yoga classes all over the internet, so you can practice yoga with us. It’s called Gentle Flow Yoga and we’d recommend that you schedule it in for 21 June. 

Of course, you can do this class at any time but there’s some kind of magic in doing it as a collective. Every single MerryBody Member will be doing this class with you as it’s scheduled in for our weekly plan. So get excited, get ready to roll out your Yoga mat and get ready to feel the benefits of Yoga!

Here’s your 20 minute Yoga class to celebrate International Yoga Day!

How do you feel after that online Yoga class? We bet… AMAZING. That’s because the practice of Yoga really does provide so many physical and mental benefits. So if you’re still on the fence about trying this class well just take a read of these…

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga originated in India and has been practised for thousands of years. It’s an ancient tradition and practice that involves meditation, breathwork, postures and poses. Practices to get you centered and present. Practices to remind you that everything you’re looking for is already within. Practices that allow you to discover the sense of inner peace. But what else might you experience with a consistent Yoga practice?

Ok wow, and really, there are so many more benefits to a Yoga practice. Inspired? We bet you are!


It’s time to celebrate this amazing practice and get on your mat! The Gentle Flow class above is a perfect beginners flow. It’s a 20 minute, grounded stretch session that will leave you feeling ahhhh-mazing and oh so calm. You’ll stretch your feet, chest, sides, hamstrings, hips and neck, it really is a total body gentle flow. This class will help you relax, de-stress and let go of tension within your body. The perfect class to pop on during your lunch break or after work. 

Once you do the class, let us know! And if you want more, then you might also like to access our Upper Body Desker Worker Yoga class, it’s free over here.

Here’s to Yoga, we really are so grateful for this practice. It’s always there for us when we need it most, to help us feel grounded and calm. It’s there to remind us that ahhh everything is going to work out. And of course, we are forever grateful that this practice led us to create MerryBody so we can share the magic of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and self acceptance. 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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