Is 10 minutes of exercise per day really enough? Try this class!

Inside MerryBody, our Online Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Studio the 10-minute classes are some of the most popular. For good reason! They create the heat, they create the inner bliss… and they do it, FAST. 

Also, they are extremely doable and they get you past your excuses.

How many times have you heard yourself say…

I don’t have time to workout.

I’m too tired to exercise.

I just can’t make that Studio Yoga class because the schedule doesn’t work with mine.

I work too many hours.

I have to look after my kids.

I’m not motivated.

I can’t run.

I’m too unfit/fat/inflexible to workout.

I don’t want to spend hours every week in a horrible gym.

They’re all excuses that stop you from exercising. They’re also excuses that stop you from feeling healthier and happier.

And the best thing about 10-minute workouts, they help you be stronger than your excuses. 

Because you can find 10 minutes in your day to exercise.

This is important… because (let’s be honest here) you know, as a human… you’re meant to be moving your body! 

It actually has nothing to do with abs, how toned your arms are, how peachy your booty is, or how toned your legs are.

It has NOTHING to do with what you look like.

Movement and exercise release feel-good brain chemicals… FACT: exercise makes you feel happier and less stressed.

It’s extremely important for your mental health.

You need exercise to pump the lymphatic system… this is your natural detoxification system! When you don’t move… it doesn’t move! The garbage and toxins just sit there.

Exercise lowers your blood pressure. This is important because high blood pressure causes heart disease. 

It increases bone density. Especially important for women as we age! 

With regular safe exercise, inflammation in your body is reduced. Inflammation is the cause of so much disease so knowing that you can do something to reduce it is empowering (yes, 10 minutes of safe exercise will reduce inflammation!).

Ahhh… we could go on. But you know, in your heart… there is no doubt that you need to move your body consistently.

And we don’t say this to create fear, we say this because we want you to feel good now and for many years to come. 

So find a way of movement that suits you, walk, run, Yoga, Pilates, surf, dance. Whatever it is… just move and make sure you enjoy it!

This is why in our Yoga and Pilates classes we don’t just move but we work on building a positive, renewed mindset.

By shifting your mindset, you can change your relationship with working out and your body.

You’ll learn to cultivate a positive mindset that changes the voice in your head from “I need to lose weight” to “I’m doing this because I actually enjoy it and because it feels good”.

No matter what your body looks like, the most important thing is how you feel about yourself. This is why we add meditations to the MerryBody Online Studio, through our Meditation Classes and focusing on your mindset you actually begin to WANT to exercise and the excuses begin to stop completely.

Is 10 minutes of exercise per day really enough?

The answer is YES, 10 minutes is 100% enough! Because it is an absolute myth that you need to work out for hours per day to see any results.

It’s about finding a window of time when you have the energy and availability to move your body – and yes, this could be as little as 10 minutes a day. Because something is better than nothing. 

What’s most important is that you commit to getting your body moving in a way that fits your schedule (oh and in a way that makes you SMILE!).

And you will feel and see results. 

Still don’t believe us? Try this 10-minute total body Pilates workout now! 

And if you love the class come and try out MerryBody, your first 7 days are completely free. Try the Yoga classes, the Pilates workouts, do the Meditations, join the amazing positive vibed community at absolutely no cost. 

You can join over HERE!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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